Wake Of Corrosion

S1: E07 - Distorted

July 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 7
Wake Of Corrosion
S1: E07 - Distorted
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Defeated by their failed outbound journey, the brother’s reluctantly spend another night in the house. Elliot details their haunting experience during the night. Professor Ryan shares an important conversation from A:12. //

[Explicit content//Discretion advised]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington //
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan
Brianne Leeson as The Courier
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman //

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
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S01-E07: Distorted

Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion

Episode 7: Distorted 

[Radio Tuning]

[Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device and moves it into the correct position]

Prof Ryan: My name is Professor Ryan. Located: Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. I’m broadcasting this in the hope that others will hear this story and come forward with more information. I know that there are some among you who may find this content disturbing, therefore I advise listener discretion going forward.

Let us begin.

[Speaker clears their throat and can be heard flicking some switches]

Prof Ryan: [in a cheerful mood] Welcome back, my dearest listeners. Much has happened here at Bunker A:12. I wish to share with you now what I can, before moving on to other matters. Our courier, the bearer of the knowledge we have shared over the past few weeks, has awoken at long last. 

I am still fearful, yet hopeful. I have spoken with her in a couple of brief moments when she was able to muster the strength to communicate. Even out of her coma, she is still weak from her injuries and the information she provides is limited. I did however, manage to record the conversation, should anything should happen to her.

[SFX: Recording flicks on]

[SFX: Ambient Heart Monitor]

[Callie has only been awake properly for a few hours at this point and is still feeling very weak and weary. She is in a hospital-esque bed and Ryan is sat by her bedside, eager to here more. Callie is weary but chipper. Ryan is hopeful but reserved.]

Prof Ryan: [comforting] Friend, can you hear me?

Callie: [weary and confused] Urhh..who, what’s going on?

Prof Ryan: [soft] My name is Professor Ryan, but you can just call me Ryan. You’re in a place called Bunker A:12, you’re safe here. 

[SFX: Rustle of sheets]

Callie: [Trying not to sound condescending] I know, I’ve been told that already. Sorry, I’m still quite out of it. Have we spoken before?

Prof Ryan: Not as of yet, no. I’m sorry to be so pressing, but there’s something I must ask you about.

Callie: Well, [SFX: Sheets moving as she gestures] I’m not going anywhere Professor. Be [coughs] my guest.

Prof Ryan: Please, just Ryan. Listen, what you had in your possession when you arrived, a satchel. I wish to ask you about the contents of it. The recording device and journal-

Callie: [interrupts, suddenly remembers] My satchel, where is it?

Prof Ryan: [calming] Easy now, easy now. We’ve kept everything in there safe. I’ve only taken the journal and the recorder. Believe me, I wouldn’t usually go through something so private but given that when you arrived you seemed so desperate to speak with me, I...Well I feel I had no choice but to investigate.

Callie: [coughs] I...I understand. But, Ryan, I’m sorry but I don’t know if that was the reason why I wanted to talk to you.

Prof Ryan: What, what do you mean? [pause] ….Hello? [pause] Survivor? [sighs] Damn it. [speaking to someone else] Taylor, she’s gone again.

[SFX: Recording fast forward]

[SFX: No heart monitor]

[This takes place a few days later, Callie has recovered more but not fully]

Callie: It’s nice to see you again, Ryan.

Prof Ryan: I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Callie: [coughs with a laugh] I..I wouldn’t say better. At least I’m awake this time.

Prof Ryan: Still not sure about your name?

Callie: Or much else, I’m afraid.

Prof Ryan: [reactionary] Damn it...[apologetic] Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just, life has been so difficult here and I hoped you would be able to shed some light on what little information we do have.

Callie: [pained] I can…[overcoming it] I can tell you what I do know, perhaps some of it will help?

Prof Ryan: If you could my friend, that’d be very much appreciated.

Callie: [coughs] I..do you know what its like out there?

Prof Ryan: Only through brief stories from those who venture out for some repairs, but, that’s rare and their exposure limited.

Callie: It’s awful Ryan. It really is. I’m going to try and keep what I tell you as real as I can. It’s hard, at the moment. I’m struggling to remember what I experienced and what I dreamed. Everything is slowly wearing away, breaking down [growing more serious] But that’s not the worst of it...there are things out there.

Prof Ryan: Things, what do you mean exactly?

Callie: Nightmares. Things that lurk in the shadows that I can’t form into words. Things that have invaded my mind whether I’m awake or asleep and sometimes…[becoming slightly distraught] sometimes, I’m not even sure which I’m in.

Prof Ryan: I’ve heard others speak about the things that they have seen shadows and the sense of watchful eyes in the distance that creep closer, but...it sounds to me like you’ve had much more severe encounters. [to himself] One’s perhaps similar to the brothers.

Callie: [fearful] It seems as though they are what my memory has decided to cling to. [coughs] There’s more I’m sure...I’m sorry that I can’t recall it all. It’s coming back to me, slowly, in bits. 

Prof Ryan: [comforting] There’s no need to apologise. Just one more thing. Do you remember Elliot or Roman?

Callie: [as though realising] Roman...that name...I’m sure I know it.

Prof Ryan: I believe you do. They’re brothers, you had quite a lot of their findings in your possession. I think that’s why you came to me.

Callie: I wish I could tell you Ryan, believe me, I do. May I ask...how long can I stay here?

Prof Ryan: [laughs] My dear, you can stay here as long as you like. One more soul isn’t going to break the bank.

Callie: [coughs with a laugh] Then let’s hope that’s time enough for these nightmares to end.

Prof Ryan: I’ll leave you to rest now.

[SFX: Recording shuts off]

[SFX: Radio set up sounds]

Prof Ryan: I believe fervently that our courier knows the two brothers much more than she currently realises. I hope that her memory returns soon and that she is able to share more with us. 

I’m also very [hesitant]...interested in her knowledge regarding the ‘shadows that I can’t form into words’ as she so ominously put it. I myself have not ventured outside since my arrival and as I mentioned in my recording, those who do, do so rarely and for short periods of time. Even in those fleeting moments they report disturbing things. I can’t begin to fathom what these things could be, but from what I’ve read and listened to, I’m almost glad of that.

Whilst, from this point forward I have not looked into the finer details regarding Elliot and Roman’s full experiences, I have read brief entries from Elliot’s journal which have not only shown their experience with such…[disgusted] things...but also the knowledge that they gain along the way. It’s important however that I share with you their full story, as there could be any number of details that would support us in gaining more knowledge.

Whilst we’re waiting for the days or perhaps weeks that it may take our courier to gain her memory, let us continue with the findings. One which I believe links closely to what we heard from our courier.

This next Entry, Entry 30 is from Elliot’s journal.

[SFX: Paper shuffling]

Elliot: Where do I even start with this one...Fuck. I, I didn’t want to write this down to be honest, didn’t want to relive it. But I know I’ve got to. I know that whoever finds us...this. Well they need to know. Whether that’s me telling them or this, I’ve got to make sure people know. 

So...Roman I settled in, you know, as much as we could settle in in someone else’s house. We ate some food and for once in what has felt like a lifetime, had a roof over our head and more than just a layer of polyester between us and the outside world.

The food was great, Roman made a vegetable chilli with what we found in the cupboards. I pretty much left him to it, I don’t think I could’ve sifted through someone else’s cupboards looking for food….God damn, I’m such a hypocrite! If you’re the owners reading this, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have done it if I had another choice, we shall repay you!

We spend the evening talking sparingly, at first we talked a lot about Roman’s family. Where they would likely be, how long it might take us to get back if we can’t get the car running. Roman’s really worried about them, he keeps catastrophising about them, which, I mean I totally get, but I’ve really had to work on steering him away from that. Who thought all that counselling would end up with me teaching what I’d learned? [laughs then takes on a more serious tone]

But that’s besides the point. After our evening of, mainly mindless, chat to keep our thoughts more on the mundane and sane rather than...well what I’m about to tell you, we headed off to sleep. There’s a guest room I mentioned earlier. Only a double bed in there, but it’s only like top and tailing it when we were younger. We agreed we’d rather that then separate rooms, given the circumstances.

It took me a lot longer to get to sleep than I hoped, but I couldn’t of expected much else given everything that’s gone on. I hoped just being out of the forest would be enough to ease me into sleep, but clearly not. At least I’ve stopped seeing that fucking stag now. Didn’t look at the sky before sleeping. There are enough devils right now.

I’m...I’m stalling. I know. Sorry.

So I’m woken up at some point during the night. At first I’m not sure what’s done it, I don’t think I was dreaming. I’m not sure. My heart though, it’s pounding, so something clearly sent my adrenaline going. I calm down for a minute or so and listen. After a bit, I sort of tune into this sound, which wasn’t clear at first. I really start to focus in on it and it sounds like running water, but...sharper.

The side of the bed I’m on is by the window so I swing my legs off the bed and plant my bare feet on the ground, the feeling of that really stuck with me. The floor was so god damn cold. It’s a hard wood floor in there, so it’s not exactly going to be warm, but... it just shot this icy cold chill right up my legs and through my body. Looking back, I should’ve let that stop me. I should’ve just got back into bed and closed my eyes. Of course though, I was in that weird half-awake/half-asleep mode where curiosity outweighs rational thinking. I stride over to the window, just in my boxers, feeling the freezing floor shoot up at me with each step and I make it over to the window that overlooks the back garden.

The sound is definitely louder over here and I don’t notice it at first, but the security light is on. Something has activated the sensor and it’s beaming across the garden. I’m trying now, desperately to see through the window and to the garden, I swear I can see something moving out there but my eyes are so heavy and everything so bleary and my feet. My feet are hurting.

I head back over to the bed and go to put my socks and shoes on. We’ve both left all our clothes by the bed sides, just in case we need to head out quickly. I put my head in my hands trying to ease my eyes and take the weight of my eyelids away and then...just all of a sudden I hear Roman say my name and I’m pulled back awake again. My heart pounding. My head heavy on the pillow. Did I fall back asleep? Was I ever awake in the first place? I’ve got both socks on, so maybe?

(5.58)“Elliot” He says again. He’s by the window. Shoes on. I slide my feet into my boots, don’t bother with the laces and drag my heavy body over to him. The flood light is on and as I make it to the window that same sound seeps back into my ears, sharp water.

My eyes aren't’ as heavy this time. Did I only fall asleep for a moment? 

It looks like Roman has wiped away some condensation. Why is the window like that?

He still hasn’t looked at me. He’s just staring out into the garden.

“What is it?” I ask him.

(6.38) “Just watch” he replies, steadily.

I force myself to focus and my ears pick up the sound clearer, it’s a hose pipe. The pressurise heading through the pipe, the sharp water. I’m thinking, why the hose pipe, it was on when we got here, on again when we came back after taking the car even though Roman swears he switched it off. But there it is again, on.

And I’m staring intently now, into this garden. The whole scene with this ethereal quality given to it from the flood light and what I think was mist. And then I see it, it’s a flicker at first, but the more I focus on it the more the flicker makes sense. Like one of those old victorian animation devices, a thaumatrope or something.

I begin to feel my heart creeping up from my chest and into my throat, making it feel tight.

I’m staring harder, forcing my eyes to see clearly. And the flicker begins to take on a sort of realism. The shadow becomes an outline, the outline becomes a silhouette and its the silhouette of a person. Another human. 

“Roman,” I say…. “Roman we’re not alone, someone is actually here.”

8:11 “Just wait.'' he says. Without so much as flinching, without moving his head, without taking his eyes off the scene at all. “Just wait”

I turn my head back to the scene playing out before us and watch. Fighting every urge I have to shout down to the person that we’re here and we want to talk. But something about the way Roman is being, something is off with him. And I trust him in that. So I watch.

I watch as the silhouette grabs the hose pipe, turns, drops it to the ground and runs toward the house. And my heart is in my throat again, pounding, closing with each thunderous beat. As the silhouette flickers as it reaches the house. The person flickers. Then reappears. Holding the hose pipe.

One again, picks it up. Turns around. Drops it. Runs.

And again and again.

My head starts to swim and my legs weaken.

I can’t take my eyes off it. Can’t pull myself away from this hideous loop.

Each time the same, each time so silent. The only sound the monotonous spray of the water.

And before I can bring myself to turn, to say...do, anything. I hear an awful cry from downstairs.

[SFX: Same voice as before from recording]

(10:05) Woman: ME? CAN YOU

My heart leaps as the spell of this scene is broken. Roman, for the first time since I awoke moves. He snaps his head toward the door and back at me. 

We don’t speak, there’s no need to.

We both scramble to get the rest of our clothes on and head toward the sound. We stop at the door, Roman’s hand twitching over the handle. In the gloom of the twilight and flood light, I catch a glimpse of his eyes darting around the bedroom.

He pushes past me and grabs a walking cane from by the wall and passes it me, whilst from the bedside he pulls his hunting knife he so desperately wanted to use last week.

I know having that cane was supposed to make me feel better, but all I could think was that if Roman thought we needed to arm ourselves, then he wasn’t feeling hopeful about whoever was downstairs. My throat began to ache from my pounding heart and as Roman eased the door open I tried to listen over the sound of my own panic.

(11:11) Roman made a gesture to me, ‘Can you hear that?’ and yeah...yeah I could. The unmistakable sound of someone crying, a woman, crying.

[SFX: Woman crying]

It’s everso faint. But it’s there. That’s for sure.

And it grows louder and louder as we creep down the stairs. The adrenaline coursing now, giving each of my movements at sort of pulse to them as my feet land on each step.

I don’t notice it until we’re part way down the steps but you can see our breath. Even in the gloom of Roman’s muted torch as he covers the light, I’m sure I can see the condensation coming from his mouth as he keeps his breathing controlled...heavy, but controlled. The house can’t be that cold, surely?

The stairs creak one last time as we make it to the door at the bottom. Roman’s hand hovers again as he glances back at me. ‘Are you ready?’ His eyes say. I nod.

I can hear the crying so clearly now, whoever it is, is right there on the other side.

And as his hand connects with the handle, the crying just stops. 

Doesn’t abate or fade. It just stops.

Roman swings the door open and immediately holds his torch up. An LED White glow fills the room as a cold breeze whips around our feet and the room, well….it's empty. And in that emptiness, the crying is replaced by a quiet single held note. The dial tone of a landline phone.

My eyes scan the room, trying to recall where the phone should be, I lock onto it and see the yellowing white case of the thing sat on a table, the handset off the hook. I scan downwards, to see it hanging there swinging limply from thick plastic coated wire. 

I say nothing. I just stare.

Roman, not noticing or just ignoring paces into the room, holding his knife close to him, ready to strike. He looks like when you see police searching a house, approaching every hiding spot cautiously in a rounded manner.

My eyes flit between him and the phone until he makes it to the part of the room where you can see through into the kitchen. And without looking at me, eyes fixed dead ahead he says calmly.

(14:14) “The back doors open. Stay close to me.”

I mindlessly obey, afraid to do or say anything else.

---- Pause ----

We lock the door again and search the house from top to bottom. We don’t even dare to go outside, don’t dare to look in the garden again. We just lock all the doors, draw all the blinds and curtains.

I put the phone back on the hook and I swear as I picked it up I heard that woman crying again, it sounded like it was coming through the receiver but in my panic I slammed it back down on the hook. No more surprises.

Later, I explained to Roman that I could hear the dial tone briefly after the crying stopped and we entered the room. He disagreed but without hesitation picked up the handset and held it to his ear.

(15:18) “It’s dead, just like it was earlier Elliot, the powers still out.”

And that’s when a thought hits me. “So what about the flood light?” I ask him.

(15:31) “Solar powered I bet. We’ll check tomorrow.”

I’ll take comfort in the small things like that.


We got a fire going to warm the room up, it was unnaturally cold, even if the door was wide open before.

With little said between us we decide to move the furniture a little so that the sofa isn’t in the middle of the room anymore. We position it so we can see the windows and doors, every entrance and exit. Roman doesn’t let go of his knife and I keep the cane close by.

We both agreed in a roundabout sort of way...Something was in the house. We haven’t been alone all night. And, to myself, even if it was gone now, I still can’t shake the feeling of being watched.

The hours slowly tick by. My eyes grow heavy and beyond all reasoning, I nod off once more. 

When I awake, the early light of dawn seeps through the curtains and I turn to see Roman just stirring, he must’ve fallen asleep too. Then slowly, with the most basic of movements, he gets up and walks over to the window and stands as though he’s staring out of it. Except he can’t be, both the blinds and curtains are closed.

“Roman?” I say, to no reply.

I drag myself out of my seat, muscles aching from holding tension. Sluggishly, I walk over to him and gently place my hand on his shoulder. He’d sleep walk when he was younger, the shoulder was always the way to bring him back.

“Roman, what’s the matter?”

And he turns to me, eyes closed, expression blank and just says...

(17:41) “There was a tapping at the window.” [Really monotone]

My hair stands on end and my body shudders. 

Then he opens his eyes and looks at me, confused. I say nothing, other than to tell him he was sleepwalking and that we should pack up and go now that it’s light.

I don’t think he remembers at all about a tapping and after everything else, he doesn’t need to.

---a pause---

I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe it spirits or poltergeists or anything else like that. But a lot of my beliefs are being challenged recently. Whatever opened the door, whatever pulled that phone off the hook, whatever made us see, hear and feel everything we didn’t last night. I hope we’ve left it behind in that house, if it was ever there at all.

We’ve got the tools, Roman’s sorting the car.

All being well, we’ll be on our way in no time.

We chose to leave the forest behind, we chose to leave the house behind. 

But, every day I’m feeling like we’re the ones who were left behind, with no choice at all.


Prof Ryan: I cannot say that I have the knowledge to discuss what happened to Elliot and Roman during that awful night. I feel that our courier may be able to shed some light on this encounter, but given her state I fear asking her too much and wish for her to recover before we dig deeper.

If you are able to make it here, to Bunker A:12, we can provide safety for you. You just have to seek us out.

I shall leave the broadcast there for today, survivors, as night creeps in and the shadows grow long, I implore you to keep you and those around you safe. And as always, don’t wander in the dark.

[Outro music]

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Wake Of Corrosion was written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington

With voice acting from:

Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan

Brianne Leeson as The Courier

Lee Pellington as Roman

Shaun Pellington as Elliot

With title and credits read by Adele Cliffe

Our introduction theme - Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber and the outro theme Phantasm were created by Kevin MacLeod. Sourced from incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0. Both pieces have been reduced from their originals with fade out, added voice over and radio static effects.

Morse code SFX courtesy of Stephen C Phillips of morsecode.world

All other sound effects are self recorder or sourced from soundsnap.com.

For our full list of credits. Please visit our website in our show notes. 

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[SFX: Outro music fade]