Wake Of Corrosion

S1: E05 - The Road Ahead

June 18, 2021 Shadow & Static Season 1 Episode 5
Wake Of Corrosion
S1: E05 - The Road Ahead
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The reality of the world outside the forest becomes hauntingly apparent. Elliot and Roman make a desperate call for help. Professor Ryan shares more on life in Bunker A:12 and his interest in their story.  //

[Explicit content//Discretion advised]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington //
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman //

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
Licensed under
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S01-E05: The Road Ahead

Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion

Episode 5: The Road Ahead

[Radio Tuning]

[Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device and moves it into the correct position]

Prof Ryan: My name is Professor Ryan. Located: Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. I’m broadcasting this in the hope that others will hear this story and come forward with more information. I know that there are some among you who may find this content disturbing, therefore I advise listener discretion going forward.

[Speaker clears their throat and can be heard flicking some switches]

I apologise for the abrupt ending to the last broadcast survivors. As I’m sure you know, power is a precious and scarce resource in the world we find ourselves in now and understandably, power was rerouted to other parts of our bunker to keep up safe. It is my hope that soon we will no longer need to sacrifice this broadcast to keep ourselves up and running. I shall reveal more soon.

But for now, let us continue.

[SFX: Shuffling papers, moving objects]

We rejoin the brothers in Entry Seventeen: As they come to terms with the reality that now faces them.

[SFX: Muffled microphone sounds] 

Roman: [slow again] Fuck, Elliot. This is my car. This is my god damn car.

Elliot: What?

Roman: The license plate, yeah? It’s my car.

[heavy breathing from Elliot - Panic]

Elliot: I need...[heavy breaths]

[SFX: Footsteps leading away]

Elliot: [a pause. distant] Roman…Roman, the view.

Roman: Not now Elliot! I need to know if this is my car or not!

Elliot: [flatly] It is. [a pause] It is your car. Come here, come here and look.

[SFX: Footsteps]

Roman: [complete shock. slow] Oh. [pause] Oh shit.

[SFX: A long pause - Fading into wind sounds]

Elliot: Roman, what’s happened?

Roman: I...don’t know man. I honestly….[scared] What the fuck is going on?

Elliot: I need to sit down.

[SFX: Gravelly noises]

[deep breaths from Elliot] 

[SFX: Rustling backpack sounds]

Elliot: [distraught] What are you doing?

Roman: The binoculars. Give me the binoculars, I’ve gotI to see what’s going on.

Elliot: [sighs heavily and slowly]

[SFX: A pause. Wind picks up]

Roman: Mate, you’re going to have to come have a look at this.

[a pause]

Elliot: [defeated] I don’t want to. I don’t want to. [a pause] I’ve had enough Roman. Of everything. I’ve had enough. This sick nightmare can stop now.

[SFX: Footsteps]

Roman: [slow, calm, but shaky] Brother, I’m sorry. This is as real as you and me. I want you to take a look for yourself, here take them.

Elliot: No. Tell me if you must but I don’t want to look. Not yet.

Roman: [sigh] Alright, okay. So from what I can see….God where do I even start. [clears throat] Right, okay, so from what I can tell there are a few buildings missing, well, not missing but like they’ve collapsed. I remember there being more taller buildings than there are now, so I think it’s some sort, you know some of those that have collapsed. But there’s more, more buildings I mean, ones that are absolutely fine, from what I can tell anyway. It’s kinda weird. Others look as damaged or with windows blown out etcetera, I’d say a bomb or something had gone off. But I can see right here there’s a building which looks completely wrecked, right next to one that looks absolutely fine, the windows are intact and there’s not a mark of damage on it.

So, well I’m really not sure.

Wait...Okay that’s weird.

[a pause]

Elliot: Well, are you going to tell me?

Roman: Yeah, uh, well...So I can see this building, right? It looks as though there are plants and stuff growing all over it and all the windows are smashed or gone. But then I’m looking at the building next to it and like, part of the building is crumbling with plants growing on it and the other part is...well it’s fine. Like, completely normal fine. Mate, I don’t know what the hell is going on down there and I don’t know about you but we need to find a way out of here. Like right now.

Elliot: But how?

Roman: [a pause] Mate, go get the locator thingy.

Elliot: The PLB? [relieved] Of course, I forgot we had that! Okay, two seconds.

[SFX: Footsteps away and pause]

Elliot: [in the distance] Wait, what’s this?

Roman: Oh man, what now?

Elliot: Come here [a pause] [SFX: Footsteps] Look at the ground around here. Where the tarmac meets the gravel around your car. [a pause] Can you see? It’s all, ground up and worn away.

Roman: Yeah so? Wasn’t it like that when we arrived?

Elliot: No. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t at all like this. I remember really clearly looking around here when we first stopped off. I was sorting the straps on my backpack and I thought about how weird it was to see the tarmac end so abruptly and turn into gravel. [a pause] Roman, it’s like it’s been ground down into grit.

Roman: Mate, that’s…..

Elliot: Yeah man. I just...[SFX: Bag shuffling] Right, here’s the PLB anyway. Let’s not dwell and all that bollocks.

[SFX: Button pressing] 

Roman: Alright, it’s activated. What did you say about it before? 

Elliot: What, like response times and that? I think it said it communicates with all the nearby emergency services and they like, decide who comes to get us or whether they all need to, I’m assuming with us being on a road though they’ll just send a vehicle up. I think?

Roman: Bloody hope so. So how long do you reckon?

Elliot: I think max time was 60 minutes, but that’s if there’s gonna be any complications, so it shouldn’t be too long... I don’t think.

Roman: Alright, alright. [breath in] I suppose we better sit tight and wait, right?

[a pause]

Elliot: This car...

Roman: Is a rusted heap of metal I know and we’re staring at a half ruined city and I feel like our entire fucking world has just come crashing down. 

So, guess what? We’re gonna do what we’ve haven’t done for days, Elliot. Just sit down and wait. Wait until someone arrives that can either tell us what the hell is going on or get us back home or both, that’d be nice. But I’m telling you now, if back home is anything like this then we need to get back as soon as possible. [a pause and taking on an upset tone] Damn it...Claire, the kids! God damn, I hope they’re okay...fuck, fuck, fuck!

Elliot: [heavy sigh] [SFX: Backpack sounds] Here, Roman...have this. [SFX Wrapper bar]

[SFX: Wind picks up]

And turn that recording off as well.

[SFX: Muffling mic noises. Switch]

Prof Ryan: Given Roman’s description of the landscape they viewed, it is not possible to infer a location. However, it does add to our collection of evidence that’s helping to build an idea of their whereabouts.

Alongside this, it would appear as though they are viewing a city further in the future than when we first entered the bunker. Given the time of their arrival in the woodland and the knowledge that they spent a week there. I would estimate that the event began on the first day the brothers left on their camping trip, rather than the end.

Entry Eighteen:  Is an extract from Elliot’s journal sometime after they activated their personal locator beacon in the hopes of rescue.

[SFX: Paper and switches]

Elliot: I’m not sure when we activated the beacon. Didn’t even think to check the time did I? It’s still light, so it can’t be too late on, but I’m sure it's been a while. Roman and I, after not speaking for what felt like a long while, discussed a little more about what our next steps are and the possible causes of...this. 

We decided at first that we’d try and contact his family as soon as someone came, but eventually our conversation drifted to the idea that there could...there could be no response. There were a lot of ‘ifs’ in that conversation. So, if nobody responds we get walking again and head toward the nearest town, then to the city and so on until we find answers or help. It wasn’t much to go off, but I think it made us both feel better knowing we had some sort of plan.

Then, of course we had the inevitable conversation of cause. It didn’t take long before we both agreed that given what we saw we could be viewing the after effects of a nuclear attack. We justified this by saying that neither of us had ever actually seen the aftermath and therefore couldn’t know what it really looks like. It was a pathetic justification, I doubt Roman believes it any more than I do. And I didn’t want to mention that if that was the case we could have absorbed enough radiation to be walking corpses right now. I’ll keep that one to myself.

At one point we brought up all the other crazy stuff that’s happened this week and it dawned on us that the red hue which everything took on a few nights ago could have...well it could’ve been the night of the nuclear explosion. I-If there was one, I’ve heard some crazy stuff before about how massive of an affect that can have, depending on their size. That might also explain the messed up Stag, it could’ve hurt itself in panic or….yeah, we were pulling at straws with that one. Still doesn’t explain the meteor or bird…

Roman has been real quiet since then. I think he’s more worried about his family than us right now and that’s understandable.

I finally plucked up the courage to go have a look at the city just before writing this. Part of me wishes I hadn’t. It was like I was watching the introduction to a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. The camera panning across the landscape of a desolate and ruined city. Our protagonists on the inside, fighting to live in a ruined world. And for a moment I lost myself in the fantasy of it all.

[a pause]

It’s not fiction though is it? I can’t look away and go back to the comfort of my life. It’s real. Unavoidably real. Just like the undeniable reality that this car that I’m leaning up against is the same car we travelled here in. Everything about it. The shape, the badge, the freaking license plate. It’s the same. And worst of all, the wheels have almost become one with the road beneath it. I can’t even justify it by saying it’s some sort of elaborate joke. There’s no way.

I’m going to stop thinking about it now. It’s not doing me any good to dwell on what I can’t change or know more about.

I have this horrible feeling in me, like when you know something bad is coming and any attempt to stop it would be futile.

We can’t stay here. We’re going to have to move.

It must have been hours and nobody is coming.

[SFX: Radio static, switches]

Prof Ryan: Survivors, I am aware that going forward, the brothers will be encountering aspects that are not too dissimilar to your own lives and the things you have faced. And I’m sorry for that. However, this is the precise reason I am sharing with you so much of their journey. It is of the utmost importance that we find out more. The story of the brothers has the potential to lead us on a road to recovery, but without more information we may never get the opportunity.

From this point forth especially, if you recognise part of their story. Get in touch.

[clears throat]

Let us continue.

From the collection of data I have on the brothers, Entry Nineteen: is another journal entry from Elliot on their first evening after leaving the forest. It is obvious from Elliot’s handwriting that he has been affected by the recent events.

Elliot: [slow a sombre] I haven’t woken up yet. Why haven’t I woken up yet. [a pause] Roman is flitting, flitting between speculating about what’s happening right now and panicking about his family back home. I think I’m glad I don’t have anyone else to worry about. I know it sounds selfish. I’m worried about Roman’s family...Of course I am. But, I don’t know. It’s not the same. 

[a pause]

What am I supposed to do. Like, right now. What am I supposed to do? Roman, between his bouts of panic, keeps telling me there's nothing I can do other than accept the situation and plough on, not that it’s what he’s doing. And anyway, what is there to accept? How can I accept something which makes no fucking sense?!?

We had some food whilst we were waiting for the PLB response. Then, the inevitable decision came and so we walked for hours down these winding country lanes. All I kept seeing were random sections of earth where everything was either crumbled into dust or overgrown and drowning in plant matter. At one point we had to drag a huge mound of nettles and blackberry vines out from the road just so we could get past. My hands are still stinging from the thorns. The worst part though, is that it’s the same country road we used to get up here in the first place. How is that even possible? I can understand the ruined buildings, but the overgrown plants...that doesn’t make any sense!

And I hate...I hate that in my head I can make it make sense. Because it means something awful and absolutely maddening. And you know, I don’t even want to write it down.

Writing it down does two things.

It makes it real and it makes me sound insane.

So when we no doubt find someone or...as I’m coming to realise, someone finds us, they’ll read this and realise, that I went mad before anything else.

[a pause]

We’re going to camp here for the night. We’ve set up a tent on the edge of a wheat field just off the road. This isn’t what we should be doing. This isn’t right. None of this is right.

[a pause]

I’m seeing this journal less and less like something to organise my thoughts and as a positive memento to look back on now….It’s more like a record. Whether that’s a record of my descent into madness or a record for whoever finds this of what happens after your world falls apart without any explanation. Either way. I cannot deny that’s what this is now. And if you’re reading this. I hope I’m somewhere nearby, laughing with Roman about the ridiculousness of it all.

[a pause]

I don’t think sleep is gonna come easy tonight. Roman and I both heard something screeching in the distance whilst we were setting up our tent. I’d like to think it was an animal, but the look on Roman’s face stopped that thought in its tracks.

This is the end of our first day truly alone. 

Our first day experiencing what happens after….this

[SFX: Radio static, switches]

Prof Ryan: [Long pause, then speaking in a sombre and sincere tone] We must move on now to Entry Twenty: A voice recording on the night they camped next to the wheat field, as detailed by Elliot.

[SFX: Muffled microphone moving sounds and tent/sleep bag fabric]

[SFX: Creature screech/howl - Distant]

Roman: [in a panicked and scared whisper] Shit, shit, fuck! Stay still, stay still.

[heavy breathing from both]

[SFX: Something rustling through the wheat field]

Elliot: Roman I….

Roman: [shakily] Ssh, ssh.

[SFX: Creature screech/howl - Closer]

[SFX: Sniffing around the tent with footsteps]

[heavy breathing from both, trying to suppress]

[SFX: Fast forward]

[a long pause with heavy breathing getting calmer. All in a whisper]

Roman: Before you ask, I don’t know.

Elliot: Is it gone?

Roman: Maybe.

Elliot: Jesus Roman, what the fuck is going on.

Roman: Mate, like I said...I seriously don’t know.

Elliot: Should we stay here or?

Roman: I think it’s for the best, I can’t-

[SFX: Distant screech/howl]

Well, that’s that question answered. I think it’s best we stay here, if it’s further away hopefully it won’t come back.

Elliot: I hate that we’re using the term it.

Roman: I’m just glad it’s summer mate, it won’t be dark for too much longer and the sooner it gets light the sooner we can get moving.

Elliot: There’s that it again.

Prof Ryan: Entry Twenty One: Is another voice recording, from the following morning

[SFX: Footsteps and muffled tent noises]

Elliot: Any ideas then?

Roman: Like I said bro, I’m by no means a tracker, but I’ve never seen animal tracks like this. And it’s not like we have a great range of wildlife here.

Elliot: Could you describe it? Perhaps.

Roman: Mate, you can see it for yourself.

Elliot: [a pause] Not for me Roman, for anyone who listens to this.

Roman: You what?

Elliot: Look, I realised last night there are essentially two ways that this goes down.

Roman: Elliot, are you alright?

Elliot: Either we find some help and get back to safety. Then we can share this with other people and they either help or agree with us this is terrifying and surreal.

Roman: Or?

Elliot: Or…..or somebody finds it. And they get to listen to whatever the fuck is going on in our lives right now and right up until the point...

Roman: [interrupting] You don’t need to be so morbid Elliot.

Elliot: For once Roman, I’m confident that I’m just being realistic.

[a pause]

[SFX: Muffled recorder exchange]

Roman: [sigh. Changing subject] So these prints...damn it Elliot.

[no reply]

So they’re about the size of my hand, which I’ll be honest in itself is terrifying. Then, from what I can tell it seems like the main, palm? I suppose, of the creature, only presses into the ground so much, it’s left the shape of a seven which is obviously inverted on the other side. From here there are three, what appearS to be appendages that are quite thin in the centre and bulbous at the end. I reckon it puts a lot of pressure on these front parts of its...paws? Feet? As the middle part barely shows any indentation.

Then, what seems odd, but it’s on all the tracks is these two indentations in the soil on either side. It’s like the creature, whatever it was, has something thin on either side of its paws that stab into the ground as it walks. 

[SFX: Muffled microphone as he kneels down]

And, alright. So from what I can tell, these don’t go in much further than the rest of the print but they do appear to end in a point. So possibly a claw of some sort? 

I’m gonna be honest, it’s really hard to figure out anything else from this. Like I said, not an expert.

[SFX: Muffled sound and recording ends]

[SFX: Radio static etc]

Prof Ryan: There is one final note I would like to share with you in this broadcast. I believe Elliot wrote this whilst Roman was describing the tracks they’d found. This was written in large letters on a single page with no other notes etc.

Entry Twenty Two:

[SFX: Writing etc]

Elliot: There were so many stars. So many many stars.

[SFX: Radio static etc]

Prof Ryan: There is little reason for us ever to venture out of this bunker. However, on occasion the engineers in their protective suits check the exterior for damage and during the long winter nights some of them have reported seeing the night sky flooded with stars, far more than what they’re used to seeing.

I know I have not shared this with you yet, but I am...was an astronomer by career. However, I am yet to convince them to allow me out at night in one of their suits to view the sky as I am told it is far too perilous. I did offer them the explanation that due to the complete lack of man-made light sources out there, then they would no doubt see more than they’re used to.

However, this is something I am going to keep in mind as we go forward and should the opportunity arise for me to venture outside, then I hope I am able to shed some light on this as the time and manner of Elliot’s last entry strikes me as unusual and my curiosity won’t allow me to leave it be.

Survivors, I’m going to end the broadcast here for today. Whilst we still have plenty of power, I am aware that it is going dark and you may wish to keep quiet for the night.

Here at Bunker A:12 we hope you’re somewhere safe and warm and as always...Don’t wander in the dark.

[SFX: Outro]

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Wake Of Corrosion was written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington

With voice acting from:

Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan

Lee Pelington as Roman

Shaun Pellington as Elliot

With title and credits read by Adele Cliffe

Our introduction theme - Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber and the outro theme Phantasm were created by Kevin MacLeod. Sourced from incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0. Both pieces have been reduced from their originals with fade out, added voice over and radio static effects.

Morse code SFX courtesy of Stephen C Phillips of morsecode.world

All other sound effects are self recorder or sourced from soundsnap.com.

For our full list of credits. Please visit our website in our show notes. 

Thank you so much for listening.

[SFX: Outro music fade]

[SFX: Outro music fade]