Wake Of Corrosion

S1: E04 - Downward Spiral

June 11, 2021 Shadow & Static Season 1 Episode 4
Wake Of Corrosion
S1: E04 - Downward Spiral
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Worn out and troubled by last night’s events, the brothers don’t hesitate in beginning their journey home. Elliot struggles to come to terms with the events of the past few days whilst Roman remains sceptical, even after a devastating sight. //

[Explicit content//Discretion advised]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington //
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman //

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
Licensed under
Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0
Both pieces are reduced from their originals with fade out effects/Character voice-over/Radio static SFX. // 

Sound FX: Soundsnap.com or self created //
Morse Code SFX from:
morsecode.world //

Cover Art: Original picture taken  by Emily Fitzgerald
@emily.fitz_photography //

Full credits can be found at:
https://wakeofcorrosion.carrd.co/ //

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don't wander in the dark.

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S01-E04: Downward Spiral

[Intro music - 5 sec]

Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion

Episode 4: Downward Spiral

[Radio Tuning]

[Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device and moves it into the correct position]

Prof Ryan: My name is Professor Ryan. Located: Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. I’m broadcasting this in the hope that others will hear this story and come forward with more information. I know that there are some among you who may find this content disturbing, therefore I advise listener discretion going forward.

[Speaker clears their throat and can be heard flicking some switches]

Let us begin

[Rustling paper can be heard]

We rejoin the brothers as they continue their homeward journey, back to their vehicle. At this point both the brothers are shaken from the previous night and are yet to stop on their journey. 

Here, I would like to remind you survivors, that the brothers were, at this point, entirely unaware of the events that have afflicted us here.  And although there are those who question the validity of this account, I do fervently believe it to be true and accurate.

We begin with Entry Fourteen: From Roman’s voice recording device

[SFX: Ambient bird song etc]

Roman: [heavy breathing] Phew. What a climb that was.

Elliot: [heavy breathing] Yeah

Roman: [Drinking sounds] Want some water?

Elliot: Cheers bro - Aah

Roman: Hey, there’s something I want to talk to you about, its uhh-

Elliot: Holy hell, Roman! Look over there!

Roman: Oi, wait...Wait what? Is that, is that smoke or?

Elliot: Yeah man, looks like something or fire.

Roman: Must be bloody big, have you seen how far away that is? [a pause] And that big plume of smoke, fuck that’s gotta be something massive.

Elliot: What’s in that direction? Check the map.

Roman: Yeah, right okay. Hold the bottle a sec 

[SFX Shuffling around a bag and map unfolding]

Roman: Right, where are we at the moment?

Elliot: Look for…[sigh] Look for Lurcher’s Drop.

Roman: [remembering] Urgh, just the name.

Elliot: Yeah, yeah I know. Have you found it yet?

Roman: Uhmm, well it’s not like its exactly written on her in big letters bro.

Elliot: Yeah but you should be able to see from the contours. Look for where they come together in a sort of sharp parallel divide.

Roman: Uhh, nope- Oh wait, yeah yeah, I think I got it. Reckon that’s it?

Elliot: Yeah, looks to be.

Roman: So, we’re what? About 15 miles south of there right now?

Elliot: I...think?

Roman: Yeah, look we’ve been walking for about 5 hours now. Average walking speed is what? 3 miles an hour?

Elliot: Haha, you’re looking at me like I know

Roman: Well, you know, I thought you were the smart one here!

Elliot: Yeah, well, I thought I’d give you a chance today.

Roman: Oh cheers bro, thanks, real kind of you there!  [a pause] So anyway, about 15 miles or so, give or take cus of that hill.

So that puts us about….ah, yeah here. Yeah that’d be it!

Elliot: [laughs] Alright, sweet. 

Roman: So, now here’s the big question. Which direction and how far away is that!

Elliot: It’s compass time! [SFX: Short rustling in bag]

You know, I always want a compass to make a sort of whirring noise. You know, like it’s working away at some magic or something.

Roman: You’re weird you are. (laughs)

Elliot: East. It’s East. Well, East-South-East...ish.

Roman: Yeah, what? [a pause] Give it here dumb ass

[SFX: Rustling of paper, exchange of map and compass]

Well would you look at that. It is East-South-East! Next time, have a bit more faith in yourself bro!

Elliot: Maybe I would if you didn’t call me a dumb ass

Roman: But you are a dumb ass..Dumb ass! Anyway, we know the direction...now distance.

Elliot: Well, according to the map, this here is the nearest town...village? Sort of thing.

Roman: Okay, so what- Is the whole thing on fire?

Elliot: I bloody hope not! Hmm….no. Give me a sec [SFX: Rustling in bag]

Roman: Oh no he pulls out the binoculars! That wasn’t on my checklist you know?

Elliot: Ssshh ssh, that looks like a mill or something.

Roman: Let’s look.

A mill! Holy shit brother, that’s not a fucking mill! That’s a refinery! Oh my god.

Elliot: You mean like, for oil and that or?

[SFX: distant explosion and a building rumble]

Roman: Holy….

Elliot: What the fuck was that

Roman: I think that’s a sho-Oh fuck- [Muffled] Get down!

[SFX: Building rumble throughout this scene leading to a growing wind sweeping about the recorder and then muffled sounds of the recorder being dropped etc]

[SFX: Muffled sounds of the recorder being picked back up and Elliot and Roman struggling to get back up]

Elliot: Holy shit Roman, what just happened?

Roman: It fucking exploded Elliot, what else do you think?

Elliot: But, ah shit. That shockwave, that was huge!

Roman: Jeeeesus, I hope no-one was near that!

Elliot: That village Roman, that village is the next closest thing before us. [a pause] give me the binoculars, quickly.

Roman: Where? Oh, I see them.

[SFX: a pause, movement]

Elliot: Ah damn it, they’re cracked.

Roman: Can you still see through them though?

Elliot: Just about, if I just use one lens it’s a bit blurry but alright I suppose.

Okay, uhh I can see. Oh man, that does not look good.

Roman: Come on, don’t do that.

Elliot: Sorry, sorry. It looks like it’s knocked a few of the walls down on the houses on the edge of the village. I can see a couple of collapsed roofs etcetera. And, ah I thought so. None of the houses that I can see have any glass in the windows.

Roman: What, all smashed?

Elliot: Looks that way man.

Roman: Let me have a look bro.

Elliot: Go right head, that’s not a pretty sight though.

[SFX: Binoculars exchanging hands]

Roman: Elliot....there’s something you forgot to mention.

Elliot: That being?

Roman: There are no people.

Elliot: What? Let me see. [SFX: Binoculars exchanging hands] Are they just inside?

Roman: Who in their right mind would want to be inside a building after that? The bloody walls have either collapsed already, or are about to.

Elliot: Okay, okay, so maybe they’ve been evacuated?

Roman: Could be, but I saw a lot of cars still there.

Elliot: Shit man. Should we tell someone?

Roman: [sarcastically] Oh yeah, great idea bro. I’ll just grab my...oh wait! We left them at home! 

There’s nothing we can do man. Not from up here.

Elliot: So what, we just, keep walking?

Roman: I mean….I dunno man. Yeah? I suppose. I don’t know what’s bothering me more though. The explosion or the empty village. [a pause] Mate it doesn’t even look like anyone left. Like, there’s not just a few cars, there’s loads. Still in driveways as well and only a few on the road. And even they’re just parked up.

Elliot: I mean, it could just look weird from up here, right? Like, we could just be missing something really obvious cus we’re so far away.

Roman: Yeah. yeah...maybe. [SFX: Rustling of backpacks etc]

Look man, I still need to talk to you about last night.

Elliot: ...Yeah. I thought this was coming.

Roman: What we saw.

Elliot: Yeah, I know. I know it wasn’t right.

Roman: The red sky you mean? That was messed up. But it’s not that.

Elliot: I meant the stag.

Roman: And…

Elliot: Yeah, it’s side.

Roman: With the-

Elliot: Yeah. I’d rather not.

[a long pause]

Roman: Something isn’t right bro, something really isn’t right.

Elliot: I know. We should get back to the car.

[SFX: Rustling of equipment]

Roman: Yeah [a long pause, then sounding more cheerful] Look bro, it’s just one more night okay, that’s all we gotta do then we’ll be plain sailing to the car.

Elliot: That’s one more night of thinking about all the messed up stuff that’s gone on and still being in the middle of it all.

Roman: [trying to distract Elliot] Well we’d better get cracking then hadn’t we! Nothing better to get you to sleep than a long day of walking!

[A pause]

Stop looking at the refinery. It’s done, it’s happened. We’re nowhere near close enough to do anything about it. Remember, if there’s nothing you can do about something right now. It’s not worth thinking about! I know it sounds heartless, but whatever is going on down there isn’t going to be helped by you staring at it, is it now? C’mon brother. We’ll be home before you know it. Then we can find out what’s going on. C’mon.

[a pause]

[SFX: Footsteps and then a muffling noise before the recording switches off]

[SFX: Radio returning sounds]

Prof Ryan: I wish I could tell you now that the brothers went home and escaped the horror of the world we now find ourselves in. But you know I cannot do that. 

Whilst their story may not yet inspire hope for us. I believe that buried within this is the key to what we’re looking for. But first we need context and evidence and the more that increases, the higher the chances are that someone knows more.

We rejoin the brothers now on their last night in the wilderness.

Entry Fifteen: Is a journal entry, from Elliot. His handwriting here is messier than usual. This could be due to a number of things, the most likely being his troubled state of mind.

[SFX: Scribbling sounds can be heard and rain on a tent]

Elliot: Thought the rain might help. It’s not. It’s not. It’s not.

There’s more of them now. The stags, blood drenched with their protruding white ribs. In the murk of the forest, I see them standing at the edge of my vision.

My vision made all the worse by the rain, making the leaves, making the branches, making everything move and giving even the air life. Or death. Or whatever that stag last night was. And then, then...just when I think I’ve shook the vision from my head a single meteor just drops out of sight. Drops. Twists. Sharply turns. And the night sky's alight with a billion stars that aren’t and can’t be but are.

And I cannot, will not, dare not say anything to Roman. To hint that I could be doing something like this again, that I could be, away.

The rain drums against my tent now, repetitive, ambient. It should be relaxing, I should be relaxing. But I swear I can hear more explosions in the distances, I am constantly tense at the thought of my tent being wracked by a violent shockwave.

Explosion. How, how am I writing about an explosion and yet sat here in a tent in the middle of nowhere, trapped by rain and my brother, who is sleeping like nothing in the world could be wrong. 

There’s so much going unsaid between Roman and me. Like the elephant that we don’t….I don’t want to address. I want to tell him that, that..that I’m scared. No, that’s not enough. I’m terrified because I think too much about things and that really I want to do nothing more than to leave this place. And how that is the exact opposite of what I want to be thinking right now! It’s not what I want. I want to be basking in the glory of nature, to be bathing in the wonder of everything so chaotic but perfectly ordered. To be fully absorbed into this world and become one. To just fucking be.

But I can’t! I can’t because something, something is actively working against me. And….And I think it is me.

[SFX: Radio tuning]

Prof Ryan: [Clears throat and takes on a more melancholy tone] Entry Sixteen and Seventeen: Are from Roman’s voice recorder. The first on their final morning in the wilderness. The second from their arrival back with their vehicle.

[SFX: Muffled sounds of a recorder being grabbed and moved. Background rain on tent]

Elliot: [heavy breathing] Okay...okay [blows out breath]. [in a whisper] Roman, Roman. Wake up, for god's sake wake up. 

[SFX: Giant footstep]

[in a whisper] Oh fuck, oh Jesus.

[SFX: Giant footstep but slightly louder]

[Silence other than rain]

[in a whisper and scared] Roman…..Roman, c’mon on now Roman [near crying] wake up.

[SFX: Unearthly creature noise]


Roman: [just woken up] Urgh, what...what?

Elliot: Ssshh...shush!

Roman: What, why?

Elliot: Just, just, ssh!

[SFX: 10 seconds. Rain continues to fall but there is silence otherwise]

Roman: Yeah mate, it’s still raining...congratulations.

Elliot: It’s not that...there was, is, something. I could hear something Roman, something in the distance. Like, something pounding against the ground, then, then this horrible noise. Like…

Roman: Thunder mate? You need to chill out bro, just clear your mind of all that rubbish that’s up in there. Okay?

Elliot: [too loud for a second] It’s not….It’s not rubbish Roman. Not this time.

Roman: Elliot….Elliot I don’t hear anything. Nothing but the rain. Look, it’s late. It’s dark and we’re out in the wild. You’re going to hear some stuff that you’re not used to okay? I know some of what's gone on has been a bit weird, but there’ll be an explanation for it. And when we find out, we’ll look back at this moment right and laugh. We’ll call ourselves idiots, or I’ll just call you and

 idiot. And laugh, okay?

Elliot: Just...urgh….Wait. I recorded it Roman. I’m recording!

Roman: If I listen will you let me go back to sleep?

[SFX: Recording switching off]

[SFX: Recording switching on]

Roman: Wait, why are you turning it back on?

Elliot: Because, it might happen again!

Roman: You mean the thunder? 

Elliot: It wasn’t thunder Roman!

Roman: Well it wasn’t a fucking giant wandering around was it? 

Elliot: I wished you’d believe me.

Roman: Elliot….Elliot, look. I know it’s hard sometimes but you’ve just got to remember. There have always been logical explanations in the past and there will be now. You’ll kick yourself when we find out. Guarantee it.

[SFX: Rustling sleeping bag] 

I’m switching this off now. We’re going back to sleep. I want at least a few more hours rest. Got a big trek tomorrow. One last one and we’re home free.

[SFX: Recording off]

[SFX: Recording on. Birds singing and forest ambient sounds]

Roman: Just listen to that…

[SFX: Ambient sounds continue]

Roman: Does it get any better? All that rain sucked, I know. But just listen! 

Elliot: You feeling alright bro?

Roman: Haha, what do you mean?

Elliot: You’re starting to sound like me.

Roman: Ergh, your poetic bullshit must be wearing off on me! Gross.

Elliot: [laughs] You’re right though. It does sound nice.. I’d say I’ll miss the place but….

Roman: Yeah, yeah I know.

[SFX: Footsteps. Slightly squelchy]

Elliot: What do you think’s going on with that explosion?

Roman: You’re still not still-

Elliot: I’m just wondering is all.

Roman: Not much to wonder about bro. The emergency services would’ve been all over that last night and got it under control. Whatever went on, went on!

Elliot: Hmm, I suppose you’re right? [a pause] You don’t think anyone’s worried about us do you?

Roman: You know what? I hadn’t even given that second thought! I mean...like, maybe? I think we were pretty close, but it depends really.

Elliot: On?

Roman: Well, it’ll be in the news, that’s for sure. But we might not actually be as close as it seemed. Like, geographically if you get me? So, yeah...it depends.

Elliot: Yeah, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me man, but I’ll take your word for it. Not like we can drop them a text you know. ‘Don’t worry about us. Shockwave scared us half to death but we’re all good’ (laughs)

Roman: I think Claire would just freak out over the fact that we felt a shockwave, she’d assume that meant we were irradiated or something.

Elliot: [quickly] What, could we be?

Roman: No, you idiot! [laughs] Jesus, anything sets you off doesn’t it?

[a pause] 

Elliot: I’m sorry.

Roman: What? Mate, you don’t need to be sorry.

Elliot: About last night I mean, I just….I got a bit lost in my imagination when you didn’t wake up straight away and with everything else that had happened and just uhh..

Roman: It’s cool bro, it’s cool. [SFX: Footsteps] [a pause] Hey, you wanna stay round ours when we get back?

Elliot: What and be plagued with questions from Theo? ….[laughs] yeah alright, go on then.

Roman: It’ll make a change from him pestering me to death!

Elliot: True, you’ll just have to let Imogen plait your beard instead!

Roman: [jokingly doomed] Oh god…

Elliot: That’s a worse fate than any brother!

Roman: [humorously] We can stay another night you know? Anything, anything to escape the beard plaiting!   - Nooooooooooooooo

Elliot: Haha, you’re doomed my friend! Doomed!

[both laugh]

Roman: Yeah, doomed! Just you wait brother! One day I’ll convince you to let yours grow out and then you shall feel the wrath of the beard plait!

Elliot: Haha no chance! Imogen will have grown out of beard plaiting by the time that happens.

Roman: Well then….I guess I’ll have to do it won’t I!

Elliot: Where’s my razor, quick!!

Roman: Oooh gutted. Looks like you didn’t add that to your survival list did you? Aand ooh, yeah I reckon it’ll be a plait soon.

Elliot: Right, forced march back to the car! Go, go, go!

Roman: [laughs] Oh man…I miss those guys, you know?

Elliot: Well, I’d be worried if you didn’t Roman!   [a pause]   I miss Rory mainly.

Roman: Of course, of course you miss my dog the most.

Elliot: Well, yeah. He’s the best member of your family! Way better than you. He would’ve been my camping buddy instead but he was already fully booked.

Roman: [laughs] Such a weirdo.

Elliot: I know. And you're the unfortunate soul related to me!

Roman: Debatable.

[quiet laughter]

Elliot: Idiot

Roman: Yeah

[SFX: Footsteps and forest ambient sounds]

Roman: Yeahh, I thought we were closer to the car! I wouldn’t have started the recording otherwise.

Elliot: [laughs] I did wonder why you had it on.

Roman: Well, I thought we could capture the final moments out in the wild. Seems like an age since we left the car. Do you remember? First thing we did was just stare at that awesome view of the city in the distance. It was such a clear day.  [a pause] You know, despite the weirdness, I’ve actually had a really good time out here man

Elliot: Yeah, me too….[hesitant] I suppose.

Roman: You’ll appreciate it more later on, I’m sure.

[SFX: Footsteps and ambient forest noise. Recording fast forwards]

Roman: I think we’re coming up on it now you know.

Elliot: Ah, good. My legs are killing me!

Roman: Oh man, if you think about how much we’ve walked though, like this whole week. With all this weight on our back. We’ve done good bro, we’ve done good.

[SFX: Footsteps, bird calls. Footsteps end]

[confused, fearful] Uhm.

Elliot: What the?

[a pause]

This is where we parked right?


Roman: It….It is.

[SFX: Quick footsteps]

But this, this can’t be my car. This doesn’t make any sense! This isn’t my car!

Elliot: It’s like a husk.

Roman: What the fuck is this? Is this some sort of sick joke?

Elliot: You don’t think, it was set on fire, do you?

Roman: Mate, there’s no way fire would cause this sort of affect. This thing has completely rusted. [SFX: Footsteps]  Look there’s no burn marks or anything. It’s like this thing has been sitting here for years.

Elliot: But Roman, Roman, this is where we parked? It has to be! Look, there’s the entrance, I remember this exact place.

[SFX: Brushing noises - Wiping license plate]

Roman: Oh fuck. [slow, in shock] Elliot, this is my car. [angrier] This is my goddamn car.

Elliot: What? What do you mean?

Roman: [slow again] The license plate, yeah? It’s my car.

[heavy breathing from Elliot - Panic]

Elliot: I need...[heavy breaths]

[SFX: Footsteps leading away]

Elliot: [distant] Roman…[SFX: Cracking radio static] Roman, the view.

[SFX: Outro music with radio static]

Prof Ryan: Survivors, the [SFX: Static] power has suddenly here at [SFX: Static]. It appears as though [SFX: Static]. I will endeavour to return soon with the final parts of Entry Seventeen [SFX: Extended Static] Please accept my apol-[SFX: Static]  And as always...don’t wander in the dark. [SFX: Sudden clunk to dead signal]

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Wake Of Corrosion was written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington

With voice acting from:

Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan

Lee Pelington as Roman

Shaun Pellington as Elliot

With title and credits read by Adele Cliffe

Our introduction theme - Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber and the outro theme Phantasm were created by Kevin MacLeod. Sourced from incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0. Both pieces have been reduced from their originals with fade out, added voice over and radio static effects.

Morse code SFX courtesy of Stephen C Phillips of morsecode.world

All other sound effects are self recorder or sourced from soundsnap.com.

For our full list of credits. Please visit our website in our show notes. 

Thank you so much for listening.

[SFX: Outro music fade]