Wake Of Corrosion

S1: E03 - The Drop

June 04, 2021 Shadow & Static Season 1 Episode 3
Wake Of Corrosion
S1: E03 - The Drop
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The brothers spend the night at Lurcher’s Drop. With a less than restful sleep, they soon suspect they’re not alone. Professor Ryan makes a plea to the outside world for more information. // 

[Explicit content//Discretion advised]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington //
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman //

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
Licensed under
Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0
Both pieces are reduced from their originals with fade out effects/Character voice-over/Radio static SFX. // 

Sound FX: Soundsnap.com or self created //
Morse Code SFX from:
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Cover Art: Original picture taken  by Emily Fitzgerald
@emily.fitz_photography //

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S01-E03: The Drop

[Intro music - 5 sec]

Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion - Episode 3: The Drop

[Radio Tuning]

[Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device and moves it into the correct position]

Prof Ryan: My name is Professor Ryan. Located: Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. I’m broadcasting this in the hope that others will hear this story and come forward with more information. I know that there are some among you who may find this content disturbing, therefore I advise listener discretion going forward.

[Speaker clears their throat and can be heard flicking some switches]

Let us begin

[Rustling paper can be heard]

Entry Ten: Comes from the journal of Elliot on the evening the brother’s set up camp at their intended destination. Lurcher’s Drop.

Elliot: Okay, so I’m just going to dive straight into this journal and try and explain to you...future me, just how beautiful this place is.

Roman and I are at the lower entrance to Lurcher’s Drop, so right at the entrance to the chasm.

Stepping out from the tent you are greeted by two towering walls of stone separated by a few meters and differing only slightly between base and peak. Gleaming through the gap of this chasm is the late afternoon sun. The light is so strong it makes looking to the peak of the chasm difficult. Squinting you can just about make out the leaves and branches of trees as they attempt to bridge the gap in the earth that forms Lurcher’s Drop. 

Stepping forward, the true depth of this chasm becomes strikingly apparent and you begin to feel insignificant against the monolith that is nature. The walls stand as tall as any house on either side, in some parts it reaches much higher. You are dwarfed by everything around you.

Once you are even a footstep inside the Drop, it’s as though you’re in a different world all together. Sounds echo off the stone walls in the most peculiar way, as though they are spiralling around you, upwards. Trying to escape the depths. And as the light shines in at an angle you see now why one wall is so covered in plant life and the other isn’t. They’re all fighting so defiantly to exist in such an impossible place. They grow seemingly out of nothing and to not only live but thrive. 

As you journey further into Lurcher’s Drop, that wondrous feeling of being transported to another world begins to become more daunting than enchanting. Shortly after entering, the path curves and blocks your view of the entrance and the other side is obscured by various outcrops and determined vegetation. The walls begin to loom...they don’t really move. But they may as well be. Like when you’re alone and a shadow begins to creep over you, seemingly from nowhere. The cold stone walls tower and dwarf you, they remind you of your place in the natural order of things. These stone gods of nature that only stop for themselves. If the earth began to tremble, to shift, to shake. You would be consumed.

But amidst the creeping sense of fear and foreboding you have within the bowels of Lurcher’s Drop, you’re reminded again of just how unique a place it is, how enchanting and awe inspiring. Putting your hand to the wall feels sacred and in the quiet of echoing bird song. Nothing else seems to matter. The world is its own and you within it’s ever-flowing embrace.

That’s Lurcher’s Drop. The place I’ve been waiting for this whole journey.

I don’t have a word to describe how it’s going to feel camping here tonight. The beauty of this place is barely captured by my description. I just hope Roman brightens up before then. He’s been so moody this afternoon. Not like grumpy or anything, but just quiet and not up for any usual jokes. I’d say it was that random crop of dead trees we saw, but he seemed to think that was more of a laugh than anything else.

Knowing him, he’s probably just tired or something. We’ve had a few late nights in a row, especially with those meteor showers earlier in the week. I’ll see if I can convince him to head to bed a bit earlier tonight. I’d like to get up early and watch the sunrise through Lurcher’s Drop. I've heard at this time of year it can be really spectacular. And so help me if Roman ruins it by being mopey and not appreciating it, I’ll….Well to be honest, it’ll just make me feel a bit crap.

Anyway, enough of that. We’re here now and all set up. We’ve got a few hours left of decent sunlight so we’d better get cooking and resting.

Prof Ryan: If there is anyone out there who is able to make it to Bunker A:12 with knowledge regarding the location of Lurcher’s Drop or perhaps even just an areas that matches the description given by Elliot, that could prove vital to our search for the truth and further information on the two brothers. It is an unfortunate reality that no-one here, myself included has ever heard of such a place by name or description.

This furthers my belief that the story of Elliot and Roman travelled a great distance to be shared by myself today. How and why it made this journey I do not know due to the nature of its arrival and the condition of the courier.

[a pause]

Let us continue with their experiences.

Entry Eleven is from Roman’s voice recorder, there are some parts that were quite muffled and difficult to understand. I have worked on these as best I can to give as clear a recording as possible.

[SOUND: Muffled, recording device being moved around tent/sleeping bag/coat gortex material]

[SOUND: Branches snapping and some sort of monstrous groan]

Roman: [whispering] Fuck, there it is again….Elliot, Elliot, wake up! 

[SOUND: Another monstrous groan, closer]

[panicked whisper] Wake the fuck up!

Elliot: [too loud] Uhh, what?

Roman: [whisper] Ssh, there’s something outside

Elliot: [Quieter] What? What do you mean?

Roman: Just listen

[SOUND: Occasional creak of trees]

Elliot: I don’t hear anything

Roman: It might be gone-

[SOUND: Monstrous groan, much louder]

Elliot: Holy f-

Roman: Ssh

[SOUND: Creaking of trees, rustling leaves. Pause]

[SOUND: Button press, fast forwarding sounds, button press]

Elliot: Has it gone yet?

Roman: I fucking hope so.

Elliot: Do you think that was a thing?

Roman: What do you mean?

Elliot: Like, could it have just been the wind howling through Lurcher’s drop or do you think something was actually out there?

Roman: Honestly mate, after some of the shit we’ve seen. I don’t think I can say anymore.

Elliot: What, like the meteors and the trees?

Roman: And the freaking severed half messed up bird. The god damn changing direction meteor bullshit and now this. Yes, Elliot. All those things are freaking me out a tad

Elliot: Alright, alright. Sorry!

Roman: Just, ssh

[SOUND: Long pause, rustling of leaves]

Elliot: Roman, what time is it?

Roman: What? Oh, uhh..3:30, why? [check’s watch]

Elliot: [pause] Then why is it light outside the tent? And why is it so red?

Roman: Holy...how have we not noticed this before?

Elliot: I don’t know man.

Roman: Look, we’ve not heard that noise for a good while now, should….should we go and have a look?

Elliot: I, fuck….uhm. [sigh] I don’t think we should.

Roman: How do you want this to go Elliot?

Elliot: What do you mean?

Roman: Well, do you wanna sit in this tent, until possibly the sun rises or maybe doesn’t cus who the fuck knows anymore and never know at all why outside look like the surface of Mars? OR would you rather at least take a look and know if you were living in some sort of post-nuclear war version of England?

Elliot: Is that what you think has happened?

Roman: No, I just don’t know anymore Elliot. Okay? I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But I know if we don’t at least try to look, to find out, then we may as well not be here hadn’t we?

Elliot: [Sigh] Alright, I suppose you’re right.

Roman: You’re damn right I am, now get your shoes on. We’re figuring this shit out!

[SOUND: Muffled sounds within the tent, shoes being put on etc]

Roman: Ready?

Elliot: Not really, but open it anyway

[SOUND: Tent unzipping, movement in tent]

Roman: What the actual...

Elliot: Wow, well this is interesting.

Roman: Yep. Watch definitely says 3:40...Sooo, why can I see so well?

Elliot: It’s coming from the chasm.

Roman: From Lurcher’s Drop?

Elliot: Yeah, look. It’s brighter in the entrance than anywhere else.

Roman: Is this that ‘spectacular occurrence’ you wouldn’t shut up about this place having?

Elliot: No, no can’t be. And anyway, that’s at sunrise...which is at about 6am, not 4! 

Roman: Should we….?

Elliot: [sigh] I don’t think we’ve got a choice

[SOUND: Footsteps, increase in static]

[SOUND: From here on the voices sound like they’re underwater]

Elliot: If we get round this curved and see the sun rising Roman, then there’s definitely something up with our watches

Roman: You don’t say.

Elliot: Urgh, just. Up these steps...why, why is this so much harder than usual?

Roman: Glad it’s not just me, feel like my legs are made of lead.

Elliot: Ah shit, we should turn around Roman, this feels really off. There’s something wrong here.

Roman: Just another couple of steps, you’re nearly at the corner. We can have a look, then we’ll turn back.

Elliot: I swear I’m feeling it more now than before

Roman: Nah mate, you’re just thinking of it more now. Just take a quick look.

Elliot: Uhm…[Pause] Yeah, no. Let’s go back.

Roman: What, why? What did you see?

[SOUND: Same echoing monstrous groan]

Elliot: Yeah, just….let’s go.

Roman: Okay, okay

[SOUND: Footsteps, quicker pace]

Elliot: Just keep moving...

Roman: I am, I am.

[SOUND: Footsteps. Grunts and struggles]

Elliot: Okkaayyy and let’s grab our stuff and fuck off shall we?

Roman: [exasperated] What did you see Elliot?

Elliot: [whispering] I don’t know, it was all hunched over and it looked like it had horns or something.

Roman: Are you shitting me?

Elliot: No, for real. It was all red, I couldn’t quite make out anything else, but it was pretty damn big. I think it’s what we heard earlier in the night.

Roman: Alright, I believe you. Let’s just get our stuff together. We can leave the tent. We’ll make it back to the car with a solid day march.

Elliot: I mean, I don’t really want litter in such a nice place, but….

Roman: Now’s not the time bro.

[SOUND: Bags packing, zips, general movements]

[SOUND: Echoing Monstrous groan. Hooves on stone.]

Roman: Shit, hide. Hide!

[SOUND: Quick footsteps in undergrowth]

[SOUND: Heavy breathing, slowing in fear]

[SOUND: Echoing monstrous groan]


Roman: [whispering] What the fuck?

Is that a….that’s a deer

[SOUND: monstrous groan]

It's wounded? I think. Yeah, it must be. It’s staggering out of there.

Elliot, Elliot come here.

Elliot: Ssh Roman! I think I can see it.

Roman: Yeah, it’s a freaking red deer, a stag you lunatic.

Elliot: Why does it look so strange?

Roman: I think it’s injured or something

Elliot: Is that what’s making that noise?

Roman: Yeah, it’s crying in pain. I don’t think we need to hide anymore man, it’s not going to do us any harm.

[SOUND Footsteps]

[SOUND: Deer Roar]

Elliot: I don’t know bro, still looks pretty powerful to me.

Roman: It’s fine, Elliot. Don’t worry.

[SOUND: Footsteps]

Oh man, just look at its flank! Is that its skin hanging off? Jesus, how is that thing still standing?

[SOUND: Deer roar]

Alright, alright. It’s okay.

[SOUND: Deer roar]

Oh fu-

[SOUND: Stamping feet and hooves against the ground in a charge]

[SOUND: Roman diving to the floor]

Elliot: Roman!

[SOUND: Hooves getting quieter]

Roman: Shit, what just happened?

Elliot: It freaking charged you.

Roman: Urghs [Rustling and standing back up] Where’d it go?

Elliot: It just kept running, it ran right past me with this crazed look in its eyes. Look, you can see all the blood it was dripping. [A pause] Oh shit, Roman, it’s blood is all over the place. Look!

[SOUND: Footsteps]

Roman: Jeeze, you weren’t kidding. What the hell happened here last night?

Elliot: I don’t know man, but you keep saying last night like it shouldn’t still be dark right now.

Roman: Well, I’m not going back to sleep am I? So it may as well be the morning. Let’s pack up and fuck off brother!

Elliot: Agreed.

[SOUND: Muffled movements. Recorder switch]

Prof Ryan: Here, the brothers set about their return journey to their vehicle clearly shaken by the events that took place that night. I cannot say whether anyone here has experienced anything even remotely similar to what happened to them. However, it is my belief that by this time we, the people of Bunker A:12 had already fled and locked ourselves in here.

This brings us on to Entry Twelve: This is an excerpt from Elliot’s journal, sometime after they left their camp site at Lurcher’s Drop but before leaving the forest all together.

Elliot: Day 6 - Here’s the inevitable I want to go home. I cannot deal with this any longer. A few days ago, I would’ve been telling you all about the amazing meteor shower we saw, the sheer awesome power of being completely surrounded by nature 24hrs a day and the awakening of my inner-self or some other crap...except I’m not. Because instead, I...we’ve been treated to a series of weird ass phenomena that won’t stop being hurled at us every damn day now! I’d love to keep saying that seeing the bird was cool, but it keeps coming back to me in flashes.

I’m trekking down a hill admiring the scenery and blam! There it is with it’s weird severed wing and half decomposed body. So to take my mind off it, I try and focus on the forest, on the trees and plants. Except I swear out of the corner of my eye I keep seeing dead trees, like the ones we saw a few days ago. Just standing there like rotting shadows. And don’t even get me started on the sky. I want to tell Roman I keep seeing more meteors...even in the day! But I just don’t want to have that conversation. I don’t want any of it to be more real than it already is.

And of course there’s Lurcher’s Drop. Fuck that place. And that goddamn moaning deer. I’m not sure if Roman didn’t see or just doesn’t want to admit it. But I know what I saw when it charged. I know what I saw as it’s blood soaked fur dashed past me. It’s ribs….and I don’t mean I saw its ribs under the skin like it was starving or something. I mean, it’s bare and hideously white ribs. And they weren’t sticking out either as though they were broken….they looked perfectly intact. They were just there. White and grotesque. It’s fur, a patched mess doing nothing to cover them. I keep trying to replay the moment in my head. Trying to justify the reason for it, for why it was like that, why it was still moving, why it was running around making that god awful noise! 


I just want to go home.

One more night. One more night.

Just one.

Prof Ryan: [Heavy/regretful sigh] We now move on Survivors, to Entry Thirteen: From Roman’s voice recorder. Taken on the evening following Elliot’s previous entry.

[SOUND: Recorder clicking on]

Roman: [Clears throat] Elliot’s gone to get deadwood for the fire. I made up an excuse about wanting to sort my pack out for the morning before it got dark.

I don’t even know where to start with what’s gone on. I want to talk to Elliot about it, I really do. But every time I try I’m just reminded of how much he can freak out about things. And given that he hasn’t asked me a million and one times if I’m sure it’s safe to be here anymore, I’m guessing he’s not really noticed how fucked up everything has been. I mean suppose I didn’t tell him the truth about the dead trees aand, well to be honest, I feel the same about the fucked up chest of that deer. That was grim. And the noise it was making, I know now it wasn’t moaning or crying in pain. That was a freaking mating call. That thing was bleeding to death making mating calls at 3AM….at impossible sunrise red 3AM! Sounds like some bullshit prophecy out of a fantasy film. [In a mock fantasy intro voice] When the buck calls on the blood moon  of blah blah blah.


I’m done here. Done with this forest. Done with this wilderness, just done basically.

We’ll camp here tonight. Get some hot food in us and just rest our heads. We’ve got just over half a day's walk ahead of us tomorrow and then that’s it. We’ll be back with the car. We’ll launch our stuff in and be on our merry little way! Then we’ll be at home in no time and camping can get lost for a good long while!

And if any messed up stuff happens tonight or tomorrow it can get lost! I’m not investigating, I’m not giving into curiosity. I’m leaving it. And so is Elliot.

[Pause - SOUND: Breathing and some shuffling]

I miss Claire man, I miss the kids and the dog getting under my feet. I miss going to work and the people I’d see. I miss people. God, I did not expect to hear myself saying this. I feel….I feel bad for not enjoying being here. Like…[Sigh] this took a while to set up. Just planning the time off alone was a right pain. And all the gear we ended up having to buy after Elliot went survival crazy really racked up the cost of a simple ‘no bells’ camping trip. I mean, it’s not that I’m not grateful for it. Some of the stuff has been really handy. Still, my bank balance didn’t appreciate it. And now here we are, here I am. On the last night, wishing it was the morning and we are already back in the car. But like I said. I’m just done. Probably doesn’t help that I’m absolutely knackered as well. I’m just that horrible sort of tired where your body aches but you can’t rest your mind. My head is swimming with glimmers of hope about tomorrow but the water is murky with all the fucked up stuff that went on last night. 


I’m going to talk to Elliot about it tomorrow. As soon as we’ve set off for the day we can have a walking chat about what’s really gone on here. He’s better at talking and walking, it keeps the conversation flowing. I’m just banking on him not freaking out and us getting the journey done with no hiccups. I’d leave it, but I have to speak to him about it sooner or later. Maybe it’ll clear my head, maybe it’ll make us both feel better. Maybe, it’ll just make things worse. Who knows eh?


I just want to go home now.

[SOUND: Recording shutting off]

[SOUND: Buttons and switches - Radio static]

Prof Ryan: It is here Survivors that I must leave you until the sun comes to bring us the warm hope of power and I can once more share with you the journey of Elliot and Roman. Once again, if any of you out there have stories of similar occurrences or perhaps even some information about the brothers themselves, then you know what I ask of you.

Here at Bunker A:12 we hope you're somewhere safe and warm. And remember, as always, don't wander in the dark. 

[SOUND: Final Switch]

The Drop was written and directed by Shaun Pellington

Featuring the voices of

Shaun Pellington as Elliot

Lee Pelington as Roman

Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan

And introduction and credits read by Adele Cliffe

The introduction theme - Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber and the outro theme Phantasm were created by Kevin MacLeod

The Stag mating call was taken from Freesound.org uploaded by Joan Barnett

Various other sound effects from freesfx.co.uk

Full credits can be found in the episode description.