Wake Of Corrosion

S1: E01 - Off-Grid

May 21, 2021 Shadow & Static Season 1 Episode 1
Wake Of Corrosion
S1: E01 - Off-Grid
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An unknown horror grips the country, forcing most of the remaining population into shelter. Tune into the broadcasts from Bunker A:12 and join Professor Ryan as he endeavours to find answers in the wreckage. // 

[Explicit content//Discretion advised]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington 
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan 
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman //

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
Licensed under
Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0
Both pieces are reduced from their originals with fade out effects/Character voice-over/Radio static SFX. // 

Sound FX: Soundsnap.com or self created
Morse Code SFX from:
morsecode.world //

Cover Art: Original picture taken  by Emily Fitzgerald
@emily.fitz_photography //

Full credits can be found at:

Thank you for listening and remember...
don't wander in the dark.

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S01-E01: Off-Grid

[SFX: Intro theme Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber]


Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion - Episode 1: Off-Grid


[SFX: Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device for a radio broadcast and moves it into the correct position]


Prof Ryan: My name is Professor Ryan. Located Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. I’m broadcasting this in the hope that others will hear the story and come forward with more information. I know that there are some among you who may find this content disturbing, therefore I advise listener discretion going forward.


The following series of broadcasts pertains to that which has afflicted us all. The recent and as of yet unnamed events have completely changed life as we know it. For most of us, life is the four walls of whatever bunker we found ourselves in. But Survivors, I know there are those of you out there hanging on to the last darkening hope. And there are others pushing forward through the wreckage to reclaim what we lost. My goal, however, is knowledge. I believe that by understanding the event then we may come to discover a way back. 


Over the course of these broadcasts, I will be sharing with you the story of two brothers, Roman and Elliot, whose experiences of the event are unlike any other. I do this in the hopes that someone out there, perchance, has more information regarding their experiences and findings. The majority of our current knowledge comes from journal entries and personal audio recordings. Both have been enhanced to better recreate their experience and capture your attention. We have attempted to order these findings as best as possible, however, there are some instances where the date is either unclear or not present. 

Currently, due to the limited source material, we cannot confirm their validity and as such we will endeavour to discover more. 

Please, if you know anything regarding their experiences I urge you to make yourself known, for the good of us all.


[A pause. Prof clears their throat. The tone of voice changes into an official one, as though embarking on something serious.]


[SFX: Morse code acronym plays]


Let us begin….


Entry Zero One: Taken from the journal kept by Elliot one week prior to The Event.


[SFX: Someone writing on paper can be heard for a few seconds until fading as a voice speaks over the top of it]


Elliot: I can’t believe the day’s here. It feels like I’ve been waiting ages. Roman and I only came up with this idea a few months ago but ever since I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it. Even now, I keep going over the things I’m going to need whilst we’re there, the list isn’t getting any shorter [laughter]. And don’t even get me started on the amount of websites I’ve trawled through to try and make sure I’m fully prepared...It’s been intense. And, ofcourse, now I’m starting to get swamped with targeted ads for survival gear and shit like that.

[SFX: a pause. More quieter scribbling can be heard]

Part of me thought it would never happen, you know? I just couldn’t see us getting a full week off, let alone at the same time. Off grid, for a week. I hope we’ve got the balls to see this though. I mean, it is only a week. But we’re going full-on off grid. We’re not camping in some hired field or hiking a day and staying in a log cabin. We’re doing the whole thing. Absolute minimal technology, all our own gear. I’m a weird mix of excited and scared out of my mind. The amount of ‘What if’ questions I have to keep shoving to the back of my mind is becoming a little bit unbearable. But since I've been seeing all the gear come together it has been getting better.

[SFX: a pause. More quieter scribbling can be heard]

We’re going to be leaving in a few hours and I’m sure Roman has only just started packing, he’s usually much more organised than this. I think I’ll give him a hand once I’ve finished writing.

Just think, no messages, no emails, no social media and no freaking notifications.

This is gonna be good.


[SFX: a microphone being switched on]



Prof Ryan: Entry Zero Two: The following is from a hand held recording device in the possession of Roman, the elder of the two.


[SFX: Someone searching through a bag and moving a few objects]


Roman: The time is 7am on Friday 16th. So this a note to myself: This is a record of the items in my primary backpack.

Fire building and starting supplies

Two weeks worth of rations.

Thermal underclothes

Emergency Radio

Mutli-Tool knife set.

Map of the area

First aid kit 


Rope, paracord to be precise

Water filter, definitely.

Solar and wind up torch.


Tent, sleeping bag, space blanket are all already in the car, rolled, tied and ready.

Elliot has the tarp for emergency downpours and the cooking equipment….I hope.


[SFX: Opening of a garage door]


Roman: Speak of the devil. How’s it going bro?


Elliot: Not bad, not bad. Look who’s finally packing. Very unlike you to leave it so late!


Roman:  Screw you! I’ve got a family getting under my feet. I’d like to see you find time to pack all this stuff with two kids and a dog to contend with.


Elliot: Fair. I’ll let you off this time. Anyway, we’re leaving in a couple of hours right?


Roman: That we are my friend, that we are. Then three hours drive and we’re off grid. No messages….


[Interrupted, as though finishing an often said statement]


Elliot: No emails


Roman: No social media,


Elliot: Yep and 


Roman: No freaking notifications


[SFX: Laughter and sigh]


Elliot: Anyway, need a hand with this?


Roman: Nah, I’m all good. Nearly finished here.


Elliot: Fair en- - [SFX: Bulb popping]


Roman: Ah sh… Damn it, that’s the second time today.


Elliot: Dodgy wiring again?


Roman: Maybe, I’ll have to check it when we get back. I’ll just tell Claire not to use it for now. Only the garage light, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


[A pause]


Elliot: Roman, is that recording?


Roman: Oh, yeah haha, oops.


[SFX: Grabbing microphone and click]




Prof Ryan: Entry Zero Three: This next piece is from a journal entry, written on the journey to their intended destination. It is not clear exactly where they travelled to although we know it is a few hours drive from their original location. It is hoped that as we work our way through the evidence, one or hopefully both locations shall become clear.


[SFX: A familiar scribbling sound and the background of a car driving along a smooth road. Occasionally the sound of an indicator can be heard in the background]


Elliot: 1 hour down, 2 to go. And no doubt writing this will give me a headache.


I don’t think I’ve ever travelled this way out of town before, if I have I can’t remember it. This stretch of carriageway makes such an annoying sound. How could I forget it? I hope we turn off soon. Some country roads will be a nice break.


It felt so wrong, leaving my phone behind. To switch it off, put it in the draw and knowingly leave it behind...why is it making me feel anxious? I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I am so much more attached than I actually thought I was.


Before, before we decided on this trip anyway. I was trying to check it as little as possible, but it’s like it calls to me. Every moment I have free, I feel drawn to it. When the kettle is boiling, a loading screen in a game, breaks in conversation, any chance to look at it. Just to check if anything has changed in the world, like I’m expecting, no, wanting to know everything. It’s essentially become an addiction. A fucking bad one at that.


Urghh, it's alright, it's alright. We’ve got everything we need even if there is an emergency and remember no notifications.


Morbid thought: Roman does have his recorder still. If we do get lost and die to a pack of wild wolves at least they’ll leave that alone. And maybe this journal….if it doesn’t get rained on. Actually I don’t think we have wolves here….maybe a wild badger or something will eat us. Sounds fun. 


[SFX: Rougher road sound, bumpier]


Elliot: Finally off that awful sounding road. Saw the aftermath of an awful crash just before we turned off. Looked as though someone had been driving an absolute rust bucket of a 4x4 and ploughed straight into the back of someone’s car. I’m not even sure how a 4x4 like that was still drivable, most of the windows were smashed, presumably from the accident, but the ones that we’re still intact looked like they were thick with moss.

Like those sorts of cars that you see parked on driveways full of plants slowly claiming back the world around them. The ones you assume haven’t moved in years. Anyways, the crash, I know it’s not right to stare, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It must’ve happened recently cus there weren’t any ambulances or police and only a few people had only just started getting out of their cars to help...or have a look… I hope everyone’s alright.


Anyway, back in the here and now. Enough of the civilised world. Freedom. That’s what we’re after. [Sigh] I can’t remember the last time the air smelled this good. I always think the city air isn’t that bad. I mean, I read about it a lot and they say, you know, we’ve got some of the worst air pollution levels in the country. But you can’t help but think to yourself, ‘Oh it’s not that bad’....until you come out here to the countryside and suddenly your lungs feel like they’ve had a weight lifted off them. I’d keep it this way, if I could. But, alas we will inevitably return and no doubt I’ll go back to being an idiot and thinking the air quality isn’t that bad after all. A week of this will do us both some good though. That’s one of the many reasons we decided to do this, that and we wanted to ground ourselves a little bit more. Our lives were becoming too digital and we both agreed all the screens were becoming overbearing. Mum would think we were weird going to all this length just for one week, well Mum...I’d like to say that you’re the reason we’re weird and we’re proud of that. Or at least I am anyway. You knew that, you always did.




You know, before I was a little bit sceptical before, but now we’re out here...well I’ve got a good feeling about this. It took me a while to get over leaving my device behind thing, but I think now...now I feel comfortable, free and better connected to the world already. And the site we’re heading to is only about half an hour away now. I can’t wait to get all our gear on and head out into the wild. I tried it all on the other day, you know just see how it felt, if everything sat right? It felt good. Like I was geared up and prepared for anything. Admittedly, I was only stood in the garden. But it felt great. [Pause]

 The weather is looking great, not a cloud in sight. And its warm enough at the moment that the night shouldn’t be too cool. Going to be the first time I’ve camped completely wild. You know, not at an actually campsite?  Is it bad I almost don’t want to see any other person until next week?

[a pause]

Roman hasn’t been much conversation the last half hour, we’ll need to use the map for directions in a bit. I think it’s stressing him out, that or the crash we saw got to him. I doubt it though, stuff like that doesn’t bother Roman. Anyway, I’d better stop writing. I’ll be the one looking at the map soon so I’d better actually find where we are. I’d hate to get us lost before we’ve got there, that’d be kinda embarrassing actually. Onwards we go.



Entry Zero Four: The following is an excerpt taken from Romans voice recorder upon arrival at their destination.



[Birds singing. Trees rustling lightly.]


Roman: Well….See this Elliot? This is where having a phone would be perfect.


Elliot: You’re telling me, Jesus Christ.


[There is a long pause here, intended to build suspense]


Roman: That is one glorious view.


Elliot: You sure the car will be safe here?


Roman: Oh don’t. Elliot, don’t be like this already.


Elliot: Like what?


Roman: Worrying about things straight off the bat. We just got here!


Elliot: I’m just making sure we’ll still have a way to get back after the week’s out, is that so bad?


Roman: It is when you’re asking stupid questions like that. I wouldn’t of parked us here if I didn’t think it was safe now would I? Anyway, I’m recording this. So stop mithering, otherwise I’ll have proof to tell everybody how much of a spoon you sound like.


Elliot: Alright, alright. [Pause] Wait, why are you recording anyway Roman?


Roman: I wanted to document our experience at some key points. You know? See what we thought, your reactions, experiences. You know, that kinda of thing? I figure, you know, when we head back to the ‘real world’ that I can listen to these recordings and remember the freedom of it all.


Elliot: Each to their own I suppose!


Roman: Look, you enjoy reading. I enjoy listening. Journal-boy!


Elliot: Fuck you.


[SFX: Laughter and the sound of car doors opening. Bags and equipment are moved and arranged]


[SFX: Break in the sound, returning to the background noise of them getting ready.]


Roman: All set brother?


Elliot: Aye aye Captain!


[Mechanical car lock sound]


Roman: Onward into the unknown then! Left path first I believe. Then a week from now, we’ll be walking out that path there feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and no doubt absolutely shattered!


[The sound of footsteps and the occasional branch snapping/leaves rustling]


Elliot: This. This is perfect.


[SFX: Outro theme to begin with timing on ‘don’t wander in the dark’]


Prof Ryan: I'm afraid that due to the limited power of our generators, we shall have to leave the broadcast there for today, Survivors. We hope for clear skies to bring energy tomorrow or even some fuel if we're lucky. We shall return to the story of the brothers soon, there is more we must learn and more I must share. If you’re somewhere out there and you have information regarding the brothers, please, get in touch, in any way you can.

Here at Bunker A:12 we hope you're somewhere safe and warm. And remember, as always, don't wander in the dark. 




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Wake Of Corrosion was written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington


With voice acting from:

Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan

Lee Pelington as Roman

Shaun Pellington as Elliot

With title and credits read by Adele Cliffe


Our introduction theme - Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber and the outro theme Phantasm were created by Kevin MacLeod. Sourced from incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0. Both pieces have been reduced from their originals with fade out, added voice over and radio static effects.


Morse code SFX courtesy of Stephen C Phillips of morsecode.world


All other sound effects are self recorder or sourced from soundsnap.com.


For our full list of credits. Please visit our website in our show notes. 


Thank you so much for listening.