Wake Of Corrosion

S2: E04 - Bunker A:7

April 22, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
Wake Of Corrosion
S2: E04 - Bunker A:7
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After a long and difficult journey the brothers finally make it to Bunker A:7 but what awaits them there in that supposed sanctuary?

[Explicit content// This is a horror audio drama, intended to scare you and make you uncomfortable - Discretion advised//Content Warnings at the end of show notes]

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Written, directed and produced by Shaun Pellington //
With voice acting from:
Kieran Walsh as Professor Ryan
Shaun Pellington as Elliot
Lee Pellington as Roman
Harlan Guthrie as Bunker Resident//

Intro  theme-"Phantasm", Outro theme - "Shadowlands 5 - Antechamber"
Kevin MacLeod [
Licensed under
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Cover Art: Original picture taken  by Emily Fitzgerald
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[Content Warnings: mild threat, confined spaces, implied death]

Thank you for listening and remember...don't wander in the dark.

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S02-E04: Bunker A:7

[Intro music - 5 sec]

Narrator: Wake Of Corrosion Season 2 - Episode 4:

[Radio Tuning]

[Muffled sounds can be heard as someone switches on a recording device and moves it into the correct position]

Prof Ryan: [spoken in a solemn voice] This is Professor Ryan of Bunker A:12. This is a public broadcast to any Survivors out there. Before I begin, please be aware that I advise listener discretion going forward, as some of the content of this broadcast can be unsettling or disturbing.

[SFX: Morse code]

Ryan: Today, we venture into new territory. Once again I find myself at a point where I have not been able to review the brother’s journal entries and recordings before I share them with you. Unfortunately other matters have taken away my attention since the last broadcast. [a pause, renewed] No matter. We shall venture forth nonetheless and I believe these next entries are…[takes a moment to read] Ah, yes. It seems we're near their arrival at Bunker A:7. Let us see what they uncover.

[SFX: Writing]

Elliot: I can see it. I can see the Bunker from where we are. We’ve just stopped to have something to eat and I can see the Bunker in the distance from where we are. Well...the outer part of it anyway. Most of it is hidden underground, but it’s clear where it is. The entrance and the raised section of earth where the bunker is buried. It’s hope that is. Hope right in front of me.


God, why did I even write that down. Fucking hope in front of me. Yeah, course...hope! Hope that I can go and sit in an underground shelter with a bunch of other lost souls. Hope. I know it’s hard for you, you being the person I’m imagining will read this because the idea that no-one will ever see it is just far too depressing to even consider.

So you, I know it’s hard for you to imagine this, but we’ve not just been walking for a day or so, ploughing through as best we can. This has been an absolute nightmare. Other than Roman, I’ve not seen another sane living human being for nearly 3 weeks I think, maybe longer? I don’t even know. And everytime I walk past someone’s house, a shop, an empty car, anything, anywhere people are supposed to be, it’s just empty. And we can’t even speed this up by taking a car, so many of the roads are just blocked with abandoned vehicles in this busier part of town, it'd be pointless.

I’ve slept in random people’s houses and a tent for the past few weeks of my life. Last night we broke into someone’s house again and stayed in there, scavenged their food and slept in their beds. All because we don't want to risk staying in a tent somewhere in case something that’s out there finds us and, well I don’t even know what.

That’s the part that I think will be hard for you to imagine, because I don’t foresee a future where you’re reading this and you’ve seen those things for yourself. Because you wouldn’t be sat, reading all this if you knew what they could do. You would’ve stopped a good while ago and if you haven’t, do so now.

Earlier I called this a nightmare. A nightmare doesn’t do it justice. Because nightmares end and then all they are is a memory. I can’t see this ending, I can’t see this changing other than getting worse. [a pause] As we’ve been walking, there’s a row of power masts that I’ve been able to see every time we go up a hill or there’s an opening  between buildings or hedgerows. They stretch out over a field and when I first noticed them the wires were all intact and connected apart from one. On the second closest one the top was bent and warped and the wires had snapped. If I were to guess I’d say that something had crashed into it, the way they were all bent in the same direction. I imagine if I could see the ground beneath them I’d see the burnt out husk of a helicopter or something. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to find out though, we keep getting further away. Anyway, that was what I could see this morning. However, this afternoon, the closest one is no longer standing up straight. It’s gone full 45 degree angle to the left. I’m looking back at it as we’re walking, trying not to make it too obvious to Roman, cus I know he’d either not believe me or just pass it off as something mundane. Maybe...I don’t know. I just don’t want to have to tell him everything I see that freaks me out. He’s already on edge about his kids, he doesn’t need more to think about and I don’t want his constant rationalisation.

So anyway, I’m squinting at it and I just can’t make out more about it. In a matter of hours it’s gone from upright and stable, to complete lopsided and something else...something else about it, but I just can’t see. But then Roman decides he needs to loo and nips off. So I take the chance to get binoculars out. They might be cracked but they still do a decent enough job.

My throat goes dry as I stare through the single clear lens. I even thought to take the binoculars away for a moment to clean them, just in case. What sort of movie stereotype am I? Like a freaking stain on the lens could cause this.

Dappled all around the lower half of the mast are these rust-orange pustule-like bumps. That’s the only way I can think to  describe them. The tower itself has started to rust, from what seems like the bottom up, but it hasn’t covered the tower yet. And as I’m looking at these grotesque lumps formed so inconceivably of this vast metal structure, one of them just at the edge of the lens bursts. I’m talking deep orange and yellow splatter bursts. I instinctively close my eyes and reel back a little at the sight. It’s not even close to me, but it was like I could hear the hideous liquid squelch out of it. I quickly looked back through the binoculars but all I could see was the wrinkled remnants of where it had been with some wet patches around it. At that point I heard Roman coming back and put the binoculars away.

It’s stuff like that I think you’ll find hard to believe unless you’ve seen it for yourself. I looked back through this just and, jesus, it sounds ridiculous. But it’s not. It’s real isn’t it? It’s fucking real and right in front of us. And it’s happening. It’s happening now, it was happening 3 weeks ago and it’s going to keep happening until I don’t know when. But going to Bunker A:7 isn’t going to change that is it?

I just hope Roman’s children are there. I just hope they’re there and they’re safe. Claire too. After that though...well I don’t know what after that.

[SFX: Radio]

Ryan: I must ask Claire whether she has witnessed anything similar to what Elliot just described. Whilst I wouldn’t want her actively seeking out something so grotesque. I do believe it’s vital to our investigation that we get as much of a balanced view of things as possible. We cannot simply rely on the findings of a couple of people, let alone one.

Looking at the dates, it seems the next entry is from Roman’s recording device.

[SFX: Recorder]

[SFX: Footsteps]

Roman: Okay, it’s on. I want to be able to look back at this moment. I need this.

Elliot: You don’t need to justify it to me Roman, I’m all for documenting everything that happens to us.

Roman: Mate, hopefully there won’t be a great deal going on after this.

[SFX: Footsteps]

Elliot: Do we knock or?

[SFX: Loud metallic knock]

Elliot: Okayyy

Roman: [sound desperate, you end up sounding like Claire in the Prologue here]  Hello? Someone open the door please. My name is Roman Taylor, my children are in there. Please open up. Please!

[SFX: Loud metallic knock]

Roman: Open the damn door! C’mon, where are you? I have to see my kids!

Elliot: Roman, I…

Roman: [louder] Open up for God’s sake! I can’t stay out here any longer. I need to see my children!

Elliot: Roman! Chill out a second alright?

Roman: Chill out? Are you fucking kidding me Elliot?

[SFX: Knocking on door]

Elliot: No, I’m not. Seriously. Chill.

Roman: This is Bunker A:7. My children are in there! Or perhaps you haven’t realised that yet cus you’ve been too busy staring at things in the distance the whole time?

Elliot: I...I just.

Roman: It doesn’t matter.

[SFX: Knocking]

Elliot: It does matter though. It matters that what we’re going through can’t just be swept away by hiding in this bunker.

[SFX: Knocking]

Roman: [ignoring Elliot] Hello? Hello? [growing desperate] Fuck! God damn it, why isn’t anyone answering? Arghhh [hits door]

[SFX: Heavier knocking, door creaks]

Elliot: Are you even...Oh. Roman...Roman it’s not locked. Pick your head up and look.

Roman: What? Why isn’t it locked? Anyone could just walk in!

[SFX: Door creaks, gust of wind howling]

Roman: Hello?

Elliot: Roman I….

Roman: Shut up a sec.

[long pause]

Roman: Do you hear that?

Elliot: No…

[In this next section Roman is going to deteriorate at the idea that his children aren’t here. He’ll have a bit of a rant and slowly lose hope as he talks himself through it and he will be short tempered] 

Roman: Exactly. Why can’t we hear anyone? That says to me that there’s no-one here mate.

Elliot: Woah, let’s not jump to conclusions here.

Roman: [growing more manic at the potential loss of his children] Why should we? Everywhere-fucking-else that we go to is abandoned, empty or filled with god damn demons! So it makes total sense that this place is empty and that my children aren’t even here? I mean...were they ever here? You’ve seen what we’ve had to fight through to get here. The otherworldly screeches we’ve heard during the night and the things just on the edge of your vision when you think you’re alone. Do you really think the neighbours were able to make it through all that with my kids and theirs to get to Bunker A:12? [a pause, keep up the pace and manic nature] I mean, who's to say it wasn’t worse when they were trying to make it here? Who’s to say that all hell didn’t break loose out in the civilised world whilst we were happily trotting about the woods like a pair of oblivious idiots? Who’s to say that they haven’t all just been [say this next word wrong on purpose] assimulated!

Elliot: Assimilated.

Roman: What?

Elliot: It’s...it’s pronounced assimilated.

Roman: [getting mad but also losing hope] Oh for fuck’s sake Elliot! No-one cares! No-one freaking cares. Or is this another thing you still haven’t figured out? Look around you mate, no-one is here! Nothing is here. We’re alone! There’s no society, there’s no system, no government, no running water, gas, electricity, NOTHING anymore! So no-one gives a shit about pronouncing words correctly. Everything has ended! Everything has gone! [breaking down a bit] Everyone has gone. It’s just us. [slowly] Just us…

Elliot: [sighs] Roman I…

Roman: [slumps against the wall] It doesn’t matter bro...nothing matters.

Elliot: We should have a look round anyway. Right? It’d be silly to come all this way and not even look.

Roman: What’s the freaking point?

Elliot: Because then we know for certain. I know how you’re feeling right now and I also know that once you’ve processed this you’ll just regret not having a look round. So let’s head in. Alright? [a long pause] Roman...C’mon man. Nothing is still something, right? 

Roman: [exasperated] What?

Elliot: If there’s nothing there it might mean they went somewhere else. And if there’s something, we can use that to help us figure out what we do next.

Roman: [defeated] Fine.

[SFX: Standing up, footsteps. Creaking metal door.]

Elliot: Here, let me grab your torch.

[SFX: Torch clicks on x2 and footsteps with reverb]

Roman: [miserable and short] No lights

Elliot: Well, these places use solar power as their main supply with a backup generator if needed. So if we can find a switch somewhere, we can see if either of them are working or not.

Roman: And if they’re not?

Elliot: Then we know the panels must be damaged and the generator empty. Which means someone has been here. If they do work, then it means that they could be off intentionally and from there, we can try and figure out why.

Roman: I don’t like this.

Elliot: I can’t imagine many people do like wandering dark corridors underground Roman.

Roman: No, you leading us I mean. You knowing what’s going on and talking me through things. 

Elliot: [laughs] Well, let’s make the most of it shall we. Before I realise how uncomfortable these corridors are making me feel.

[SFX: Footsteps. Wind howling through the doorways with echos]

Elliot: What was that?

Roman: Nothing Elliot, there’s nothing there.

Elliot: I swear I saw something.

Roman: A shadow El, it was a shadow. From this strap on my bag. Look..

[SFX: Bag rustling sounds]

Elliot: Oh. Yeah I knew that.

Roman: Course you did. 

[SFX: Wind howling]

Elliot: That noise is not comforting at all.

Roman: I wish we could hear people.

Elliot: Yeah so long as they’re still sane…

Roman: Elliot! This is where my kids could be! Could you not?

Elliot: Sorry, it’s just that everyone-

Roman: I know. But just not here, not here...alright?

[SFX: Walking, echoing.]

Roman: You ever been in one of these before?

Elliot: No, you?

Roman: Nah, I only heard about them when everyone was pissed they were being built near nature reserves cus they were the only places out of the way enough.

Elliot: Yeah, can’t say I was too happy about that either. I’m trying not to think about the amount of animals that this thing disturbed when it was being built.

Roman: Not that it really matters anymore. I think the most wildlife I’ve heard recently is some birds singing.

Elliot: And the odd stray cat. I looked these places up quite a bit when they were being built. I wanted to know what the deal was with them and how many people they were supposed to fit. It’s interesting that we’ve come to this one actually. It’s the one I ended up reading the most about. [a pause] 400 people can live here comfortably for about half a year, you know? Yet the local population was well over 2000, possibly more with how many people emigrated here from the States. It’s funny how it all works out…

Roman: [remembering] Huh, yeah. That’s how I met Claire...I mean she came over well before so many others did, but it’s definitely what spurred that decision. Anyway, how’s all that funny?

Elliot: Well, you know what I mean. You hear that a public bunker is being built near by and you think ‘Oh fantastic, I’ve got somewhere to go if something awful happens’ and so does the next person and the next and so on and so forth until suddenly, you’ve got well over 1000 people all assuming they’ve got a spot in one of these places. All of them are oblivious to the fact that less than a quarter of the people in the area can live here. I mean, it’s not even half the population even if it’s just for half a year, that’s not to mention all the extra houses built in that time.

Roman: Riiiights, so what you’re saying is, it’s like when everyone raided the supermarkets after the bombings a few years ago? When people thought they wouldn’t be able to get anything for weeks?

Elliot: Exactly. We were told there was plenty and to not panic. But people didn’t care, they panicked and the panic caused an actual shortage, which caused more panic. I still remember seeing all the shop shelves so bare and empty...it was weird.

Roman: [a pause] Wait a sec, El….The supermarket we went to. The shelves, they were like when people panic bought things before!

Elliot: Yeah, obviously.

Roman: So where have all those people gone?

Elliot: What do you mean?

Roman: Well if they were able to go and panic buy all those things, or perhaps even just steal them. Then where did they take it all?

Elliot: Home Roman...they took it home. That’s why so many of the houses we’ve stopped at have been so well stocked. Everyone just took it home and then…

Roman: Vanished…That’s what you were gonna say, right?

Elliot: For lack of a better way to put it, yeah. I mean, you wouldn’t get all that stuff and just leave it would you. You’d take as much of it as you could. But people didn’t...in fact, people didn’t take much at all. So many of the houses looked untouched and the few that were different looked as though someone had packed in a rush.

Roman: Right, stop a sec. So, people panic bought things, took it home. Yeah?

Elliot: Yeah.

Roman: Then some people were able to pack in a rush and escape to...somewhere? Maybe here or another bunker? Right?

Elliot: It seems that way.

Roman: And then the others...where did they go? The ones who didn’t pack, who left their things.

Elliot: The shadows….I think that’s them. I mean, I know it sounds stupid but it’s the only thing that makes even a little bit of sense. [a long pause] There’s always something deteriorated or aged near them as well, isn’t there? Like in that tunnel, the walls were cracked.

Roman: Holy...Yeah and in that house we walked past. The whole side wall was crumbling and the door was warped. The house looked like one side was sinking into the ground.

Elliot: And the shadow we saw in the car...it was the only rusted car in the street. Jesus Roman...What the hell happened?

Roman: I don’t know. Like, how could any of us know? It sounds insane enough that we’ve seen these things.

Elliot: I think there’s a lot of things we don’t know about man. I think there’s a lot. Look let’s carry on walking shall we? From what I remember this bunker is a pretty complex one.

[SFX: Footsteps]

Roman: I thought you said it wasn’t a large bunker though?

Elliot: It’s not, but the thing is, it’s built off the back of a series of underground tunnels from during the air raids. So when they built A:7 they used all of these tunnels as building blocks. I mean, why not? If they’re there and already meant to withstand a bomb. And they almost always build them with these angled L shaped turns in there. Notice how we’ve not gone through a single curved or gradual turn? In the more modern ones the walls leading to the ceiling are the only rounded things. But you can tell this one has been connected to something else because all the walls are harsh angles. And look at this door here. Someone has been in here Roman. These are gas tight doors but they’re open. They shut by default unless there has been power and someone set the switches to open.

Roman: You remember the most random things, you know that right?

Elliot: It’s both a curse and a blessing.

[SFX: Footsteps, door creak]

Roman: It’s colder than I thought it’d be here.

Elliot: Will be. Even if it was inhabited it’d still be a little chilly. And there’s no point heating the place up if you don’t need to. These places are all about conserving energy for the long haul.

Roman: Hey look, check out this sign here. ‘Gen. Room’. Worth a shot right?

Elliot: Absolutely.

[SFX: Footsteps, door creak]

Elliot: Okay...I have no idea how any of this works.

Roman: Don’t worry. I got this.

[SFX: Generator start up]

Roman: Weird...It says there’s still power available from solar reserves.

Elliot: Perhaps whoever is...was, here has shut it off, if they didn’t need it?

Roman: Yeah maybe.

Elliot: Wait a sec. Oh fuck, of course!

Roman: What? What?

Elliot: This bunker! I remember now. When they first built it, it was designated as a missile silo, but the building works were slow and the site proved unsuitable to house IBMs! So they changed the plans and repurposed it as a series of air raid shelters.

Roman: Yeah, you pretty much already said that.

Elliot: Except..Except the area they originally constructed to house the missiles had some of the densest walls and protections available. It's completely separated in a sealed area of the Bunker.

Roman: Meaning?

Elliot: Well, think of it this way. If something kicks off and you need to use one of these things. You want to make sure that even if the rest of the bunker collapses. Even if the generator here is inaccessible and you can’t go anywhere else. You want to make sure that you can still launch that missile. So the first thing you do, is make that area independent. Own power, closed circuit system. Full communication. If anyone is still here, that’s where they’d be!

Roman: Well fuck Elliot...I knew your random knowledge would come in handy one day. Who would’ve thought it would just take an apocalypse for that to happen.

Elliot: Is that what we’re calling it now? An apocalypse?

Roman: Sorry but this is about as close to it as it gets bro. Right, well it looks like there isn’t a great deal of fuel left in this thing, but it has given us light. So let’s make the most of it and find out where this decommissioned missile silo is before it gives out on us. Alright?

[SFX: Footsteps]

Elliot: Agreed. I’m sorry about earlier.

Roman: Me too...I was...well…

Elliot: It’s fine, it’s okay. I understand. We gotta find your kids, right?

Roman: More than anything. C’mon.

[SFX: Door creaks]

[SFX: Screaming and otherworldly sounds, recorder crackles]

Roman: What the fuck was that.

Elliot: [breathing heavy]

Roman: Elliot?

Elliot: Sorry, sorry…[sighs] I don’t know...I think I’ve heard it before though. When I was trapped in that horrible place. I’m sure I heard that then.

[SFX: Metallic sound as Roman pulls out crowbar]

Roman: [pulls out crowbar] Well I’m fucking ready for it this time.

Elliot: No, no the creature wasn’t there when I heard it before. I was alone.

Roman: Not taking any chances here. C’mon, let’s keep moving. I want to get to this separate section before anything that’s in here finds us. Just slow and steady, keep it quiet.

Elliot: Yeah, alright...Good plan.

[SFX: Footsteps, howling]

Roman: [whispered] I’m surprised we can still hear that wind you know. We’re pretty far in now, right?

Elliot: Yeah, but these tunnels are narrow and most of the doors leading to the other rooms are closed. So I suppose it hasn’t got anywhere else to go. 

Roman: But usually there has to be two ways for the wind to get in for it to howl like that.

Elliot: Maybe something else is open? Ventilation perhaps?

[SFX: Flickering lights, power]

Elliot: Jesus…

Roman: I think we’ve made it worse with that generator on.

Elliot: As in super freakin’ creepy you mean? Yeah, definitely. [SFX: Flickering lights] Oh man, that is not nice. Let’s just keep moving.

[SFX: Footsteps]

[SFX: Howling wind, door slam in distance]

Roman: Ah, Jesus man….

Elliot: Was that the wind or?

Roman: It’s gotta be the wind, surely?

Elliot: You might’ve been right about something else being in here…

Roman: I just hope I’m wrong about what is in here.

[SFX: Flickering lights]

Elliot: [deep breath and a sigh] Can we just find this main room already….[big sigh]

Roman: C’mon.

[SFX: Footsteps]

Elliot: Roman, Roman here...check out this sign.

Roman: ‘Comms. Room and Gen. Room 2.’ Sounds promising!

[SFX: Footsteps]

Elliot: Door’s closed. But it’s a spinny handle thing.

Roman: [laughs] Very technical term there.

Elliot: Yeah, well you knew what I meant didn’t you?

[SFX: Metal creaking]

Roman: Give me a hand then loser.

Elliot: Oh, yeah okay...Jesus this feels weird on my hand.

[Roman & Elliot: Straining noises]

Roman: Yeah don’t strain that one too much. You don’t wanna rip the tissue that’s healing over it.

[SFX: Metal creaking]

Elliot: Tissue...Gross

[Roman & Elliot: Straining]

[SFX: Door creaking open slowly, heavy deep. Wind rushing]

Elliot: Phew, okay.

Roman: Sssh, ssh.

[in the distance] [SFX: Radio intro sound] 

Ryan: It’s my sincerest hope that there’s someone out there listening to this broadcast, someone who could perhaps one day get in touch with us. Please. It’s hard enough as it is with everything...[SFX: Bad signal]

Elliot: Holy shit, is that a radio broadcast? Roman...Roman, I think someone is out there!

Roman: [getting louder] Then there could be someone listening to it? There could be people here? My kids Elliot!?

[SFX: Radio static]

Unknown Survivor: [confused, determined] Hello? Who’s down there? Who is that?

Ryan: [in background] Maybe one day, I’ll know if we’re alone out here. [SFX: Bad signal] Until then, friends, don’t wander in the dark alone.

[outro music]